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Kalamazoo Medievalism Sessions 3 of 4 (Saturday, 9 May)

Listing 3 of 4, Saturday's sessions. The remainder will follow shortly.

Society sponsored events are in red.


10:00-11:30 AM: Session 383, Valley II 202
In Honor of Bonnie Wheeler I
Organizer: Dorsey Armstrong, Purdue Univ.
Presider: Ann W. Astell, Univ. of Notre Dame
PAPER 3 0F 4: The Use of History and Archaeology in Contemporary Arthurian Fiction
Christopher A. Snyder, Marymount Univ.
PAPER 4 0F 4: Characterization in Malory and Bonnie
Kevin S. Whetter, Acadia Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 392, Valley I 102
New Approaches to Beowulf
Organizer: Rachel S. Anderson, Grand Valley State Univ.
Presider: Lesley Jacobs, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington
PAPER 3 OF 3: What Seamus Heaney Did to Beowulf: The Tensions of Translation
Sandra Hordis, Arcadia Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 393, Valley I 105
Old English Meter in the Classroom (A Panel Discussion)
Organizer: Daniel Donoghue, Harvard Univ.
Presider: Robert D. Fulk, Indiana Univ.-Bloomington
A panel discussion with Geoffrey R. Russom, Brown Univ.; Thomas A. Bredehoft, West Virginia Univ.; Peter S. Baker, Univ. of Virginia; and Robert J. Hasenfratz, Univ. of Connecticut.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 394, Valley I 106
Marie de France I: Performing Chaitivel (A Series of Performances)
Sponsor: International Marie de France Society
Organizer: Rupert T. Pickens, Univ. of Kentucky
Presider: Rupert T. Pickens
Chaitivel: A Reconstruction of the Performance of a Twelfth-Century Lai
Ronald Cook, Independent Scholar
Chaitivel: The Harley MS Version with Medieval Harp
Simonetta Cochis, Transylvania Univ.
Shared Griefs and Wretchedness: Another Rhymed Version of Chaitivel
Walter A. Blue, Hamline Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 396, Valley I 109
Performing the Text (A Performance)
Sponsor: Comparative Drama
Organizer: Eve Salisbury, Western Michigan Univ.
Presider: Eve Salisbury
The Tournament of Tottenham
Linda Marie Zaerr, Boise State Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 399, Fetzer 1005
Matrons, Monsters, and Men: Beowulf (2007)
Sponsor: Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS)
Organizer: Helene Scheck, Univ. at Albany, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Angelo State Univ.
Presider: Colleen Slater, Cornell Univ.
“Ond Hyre Seax Geteah Brad ond Brunecg”: Failing Swords and Angelina’s Heels in Robert Zemeckis’s Beowulf
KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Univ. at Albany
The Water Dripped from Her like “Golden Chocolate”: Mother’s Feminine Threat in Beowulf
Michelle Kustarz, Wayne State Univ.
Cyborg Masculinities in Zemeckis’s Beowulf
Laurie Dietz, DePaul Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 400, Fetzer 1010
The Children of Húrin
Sponsor: Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Organizer: Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Presider: Mary R. Bowman, Univ. of Wisconsin–Stevens Point
Lack of Counsel, Not of Courage: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Critique of the Heroic Ethos in The Children of Húrin
Richard C. West, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Through Morgoth’s Eyes: Truth in Wartime
Faye Ringel, United States Coast Guard Academy
The Shadow of My Purpose: Gnosticism and the Strands of Fate in the Narn i hin Húrin
Brian Walter, St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Tolkien’s Women in The Children of Húrin
Victoria Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.

10:00-11:30 AM: Session 406, Fetzer 2020
Studies in the Auchinleck Manuscript: Putting the Pieces in Context
Organizer: Arthur W. Bahr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presider: Arthur W. Bahr
PAPER 3 OF 3: After the Scribes and before the Editors: The Auchinleck’s Hired Transcribers, 1830-1850
Fred Porcheddu, Denison Univ.

12:00 PM: Bernhard 158
Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Business Meeting

12:30 PM: Valley II 203
Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
Business Meeting

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 434, Valley III Stinson Lounge
Experience in Augustine of Hippo: Time, Memory, Consciousness
Organizer: Marianne Djuth, Canisius College
Presider: Marianne Djuth
PAPER 2 OF 3: Memory, Truth, and Self-Identity: Augustine, Gunther Grass, and Martin Walser
R. James Long, Fairfield Univ.

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 444, Valley I 105
Teaching and Researching the Middle Ages at Minority-Serving Colleges and
Universities (A Roundtable) I
Sponsor: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Organizer: James M. Palmer, Prairie View A&M Univ.
Presider: Julia Huston Nguyen, National Endowment for the Humanities
Creating a Balanced English Program in a Minority-Serving College
Barbara Anne Goodman, Calumet College of St. Joseph
Teaching the Borders: Medieval Studies in English at the University of Texas at San Antonio
Mark E. Allen, Univ. of Texas–San Antonio
Teaching the Middle Ages in the San Joaquin Valley
Mark Arvanigian, California State Univ.–Fresno
MEFL: Middle English as a Foreign Language
Alison A. Baker, California State Polytechnic Univ.–Pomona
“There the White Folks Go Again”: Medieval Studies and the Minority Student
Pearl Ratunil, William Rainey Harper College
Enhancing the Medieval Curriculum through NEH’s Humanities Initiatives for Faculty
James M. Palmer

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 450, Fetzer 1010
Tolkien’s “On Fairy Stories” (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Organizer: Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Presider: Douglas A. Anderson, Independent Scholar, and Verlyn Flieger, Univ. of Maryland
A roundtable discussion with Jennifer Culver, Univ. of Texas–Dallas; Deanna Delmar Evans, Bemidji State Univ.; Dimitra Fimi, Cardiff Univ.; Sandra Hordis, Arcadia Univ.; Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State Univ.; John D. Rateliff, Independent Scholar; and Ted Sherman, Middle Tennessee State Univ.

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 451, Fetzer 1035
Medieval Myths in Modern Continental Europe I
Sponsor: IZMS: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter-Studien, Univ. Salzburg
Organizer: Ulrich Müller, Univ. Salzburg, and Werner Wunderlich, Univ. St. Gallen
Presider: Siegrid Schmidt, Univ. Salzburg
“Wir wollten doch nur . . .”: Über die Schwierigkeiten, Ritualmordlüngen aus der Welt zu schaffen
Winfried Frey, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt am Main
Tristan-Rezeption bei Herbert Rosendorfer
Ingrid Bennewitz, Otto-Friedrich-Univ. Bamberg
Die Nibelungen im Musical
Ulrich Müller

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 463, Schneider 1145
English Drama
Presider: Barbara D. Palmer, Univ. of Mary Washington
PAPER 4 0F 4: A Late Sixteenth-Century Morality Play in Lincolnshire
James Stokes, Univ. of Wisconsin–Stevens Point

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 479, Schneider 1360
In Honor of Bonnie Wheeler II
Organizer: Dorsey Armstrong, Purdue Univ.
Presider: Howell Chickering, Amherst College
PAPER 2 OF 4: Off the Marc: Chivalric Masculinity in L’Éternal retour (1943)
Kathleen Coyne Kelly, Northeastern Univ.
PAPER 4 OF 4: Chaucer’s Queer Melancholy in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s A Canterbury Tale
Tison Pugh, Univ. of Central Florida

1:30-3:30 PM: Session 485, Bernhard 209
Globalizing the Middle Ages II: Mapping the Medieval World
Sponsor: Center for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Organizer: Susan J. Noakes, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Presider: Geraldine Heng, Univ. of Texas–Austin
PAPER 1 OF 3: Mapping Prester John as African (1350–1600): The Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Perspectives
Andrew Kurt, Grand Valley State Univ.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 498, Valley II 207
In Honor of Tom Shippey: J. R. R. Tolkien: Author of the Next Century? (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Organizer: Robin Anne Reid, Texas A&M Univ.–Commerce
Presider: John William Houghton, Hill School
A roundtable discussion with Douglas A. Anderson, Independent Scholar; Marjorie J. Burns, Portland State Univ.; Verlyn Flieger, Univ. of Maryland; Edward L. Risden, St. Norbert College; and Yvette Kisor, Ramapo College.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 502, Valley I 105
Teaching and Researching the Middle Ages at Minority-Serving Colleges and Universities (A Roundtable) II
Sponsor: National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Organizer: James M. Palmer, Prairie View A&M Univ.
Presider: Julia Huston Nguyen, National Endowment for the Humanities
Getting Research Done at an HBCU
Juris G. Lidaka, West Virginia State Univ.
Is Relevance Relevant? Teaching the Middle Ages at the HBCU
Mary C. Olson, Tuskegee Univ.
Geographies of Race, Modern and Medieval: Teaching Medieval Literature at an HBCU
Donna Crawford, Virginia State Univ.
Playing Devil’s Advocate: An Approach to Teaching the Middle Ages to Minority Students
Jean N. Goodrich, Univ. of Arizona
Monsters, Muslims, and Women: Teaching Medieval and Modern Othering
Mica Dawn Gould, Grambling State Univ.
Medieval Warfare at Morgan State University
John D. Hosler, Morgan State Univ.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 507, Fetzer 1005
The Summoning of Everyman (A Screening of the Movie)
Organizer: Douglas Morse, New School
Presider: Paul Werner, New York Univ.
The screening of the film (52 minutes) will be followed by a paper, “Producing The Summoning of Everyman: Play to Screen,” by Heide Estes, Monmouth Univ.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 509, Fetzer 1035
Medieval Myths in Modern Continental Europe II
Sponsor: IZMS: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter-Studien, Univ. Salzburg
Organizer: Siegrid Schmidt, Univ. Salzburg
Presider: Ursula Bieber, Univ. Salzburg
Vom Drachen zum Hausdrachen
Klaus Schmidt, Bowling Green State Univ.
Medieval Myths in Modern Art: Picasso, Max Beckmann
Irma Trattner, Univ. Salzburg
The Imaginary of the Knight in Twenty-First-Century France
Anne Bach, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule
Espace géographique, espace corporel: Du mythe de Mêlusine à la Vouivre
Vilay Lyxuchouky, Univ. of Georgia

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 519, Schneider 1135
“I ha’t from the playbooks, / And think they’re more authentic”: Popular History
in Early Modern England
Sponsor: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis Univ.
Organizer: Lea Luecking Frost, St. Louis Univ.
Presider: Lea Luecking Frost
“Familiar in Their Mouths as Household Words”: Shakespeare Repackages the Middle Ages
Dianne E. Berg, Clark Univ.
The Prince of Wails: A Re-examination of Owen Glendower, Shakespeare’s Comic Conjurer
Connie Meyer, Texas Christian Univ.
Reproving History: Queen Elizabeth in Norwich
Elizabeth Human, St. Louis Univ.
Women, History, and the Popular Ballad: The Case of Deloney’s Garland of Good Will and Strange Histories
Nora L. Corrigan, Mississippi Univ. for Women

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 521, Schneider 1145
The Poetics of Legends: Legends and Romance
Organizer: Matthias Meyer, Univ. Wien, and Constanza Cordoni, Univ. Wien
Presider: Matthias Meyer
PAPER 3 OF 3: Legend, Romance, and History: The Truth about Arthurian Fiction
Stephen Mark Carey, George State Univ.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 522, Schneider 1155
The Achievement and Influence of Bryce Lyon (1920–2007) IV: The Legacy of
Henri Pirenne
Organizer: David Nicholas, Clemson Univ.
Presider: Don C. Skemer, Princeton Univ. Library
The Historian as Subject: Re-reading Henri Pirenne: A Biographical and Intellectual Study (1974)
Walter Simons, Dartmouth College
Some Observations on the Merovingian Economy
Bernard S. Bachrach, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities
The Urban Typologies of Henri Pirenne and Max Weber: Was There a “Medieval” City?
David Nicholas

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 531, Schneider 1325
Jean Gerson: All Perspectives II
Organizer: Yelena Mazour-Matusevich, Univ. of Alaska–Fairbanks
Presider: Gabriella Baika, Auburn Univ.
PAPER 3 OF 3: Jean Gerson’s Legacy in the Seventeenth-Century Catholic Circles
Yelena Mazour-Matusevich

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 534, Schneider 1345
Joan of Arc in the Archives
Sponsor: International Joan of Arc Society
Organizer: Gail Orgelfinger, Univ. of Maryland–Baltimore County
Presider: Gail Orgelfinger
PAPER 3 OF 3: Dusting Off the Sources: The Approach of Etienne Pasquier to Historical Research
Deborah Fraioli, Simmons College

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 535, Schneider 1350
Web Image Collections of Medieval Architecture: The MEDART and Chartres Cathedral Sites (A Demonstration)
Organizer: Philip Maye, Independent Scholar
Presider: Marion Dolan, Univ. of Pittsburgh
Introduction and Demonstration of MEDART and Chartres Cathedral Websites
Philip Maye
Website Structure and Organization
Jane Vadnal, Univ. of Pittsburgh

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 536, Schneider 1360
In Honor of Bonnie Wheeler III (A Roundtable)
Organizer: Dorsey Armstrong, Purdue Univ.
Presider: Jo Goyne, Southern Methodist Univ.
PAPER 5 OF 5: The New Age Holy Grail
Martin B. Shichtman, Eastern Michigan Univ., and Laurie A. Finke, Kenyon College

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 538, Bernhard 157
Recordings and Performance of Machaut’s Music
Sponsor: International Machaut Society
Organizer: Deborah McGrady, Univ. of Virginia
Presider: Jennifer Bain, Dalhousie Univ.
A Historiographical Analysis of Recordings of Machaut’s Messe de nostre dame
Kristen Yri, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
Machaut’s Secular Songs
Lawrence M. Earp, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Recording Machaut’s Motets
Jared C. Hartt, Oberlin College Conservatory of Music

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 543, Bernhard 210
1109/2009: The Nine-Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of King Alfonso VI of Leon-Castile IV: The Legacy of Alfonso VI in Literature and Legend
Sponsor: Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies
Organizer: James D’Emilio, Univ. of South Florida–Tampa
Presider: James D’Emilio
Alfonso VI: épica y romancero
Irene Zaderenko, Boston Univ.
La presencia de Alfonso VI en la épica castellano-leonesa
Mercedes Vaquero, Brown Univ.
Alfonso VI’s Legacy in History, Literature, and Legend: From Lap to Lap
Anthony J. Cárdenas-Rotunno, Univ. of New Mexico

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 544, Bernhard 211
Cognitive Approaches to Medieval Literature III
Organizer: Paula Leverage, Purdue Univ., and Ronald J. Ganze, Univ. of South Dakota
Presider: Ronald J. Ganze
PAPER 4 OF 4: King of the Who? Jungian Archetypes and the Arthurian Literary Tradition
Melissa Ridley-Elmes, Longwood Univ.

3:30-5:00 PM: Session 546, Bernhard 213
Weblogs and the Academy: The Scope of the Professional and Boundaries of the
Personal in Open, Pseudo-Anonymous, and Anonymous Blogging
Organizer: Elisabeth Carnell, Western Michigan Univ., and Shana Worthen,
Univ. of Arkansas–Little Rock
Presider: Shana Worthen
Personalizing the Profession: The Value of “Academic Life” Blogs
Christina M. Fitzgerald, Univ. of Toledo
Balancing the Personal and the Professional in Academic Blogging
Kristen M. Burkholder, Oklahoma State Univ.
“A Blogger by Any Other Name”: Pseudonymous Blogging and the Creation of a Legitimate Academic Voice
Julie A. Hofmann, Shenandoah Univ.
My Blog Is Not Myself: Negotiating Identity in the Academic Blogosphere
Janice Liedl, Laurentian Univ.

5:15 PM: Valley I Shilling Lounge
Chaucer Out Loud at Kalamazoo: The Future (A Roundtable)
Organizer: Alan T. Gaylord, Dartmouth College/Princeton Univ.
Presider: Alan Baragona, Virginia Military Institute
A roundtable discussion with Betsy Bowden, Rutgers Univ.; Thomas J. Farrell, Stetson Univ.; Susan Yager, Iowa State Univ.; Howell Chickering, Amherst
College; Regula Meyer Evitt, Colorado College; and Winthrop Wetherbee, Cornell Univ.

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