Sunday, September 27, 2009

MMSM: Conference Sessions of Interest: Mid Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association (11/5-7/09)

The 2009 MAPACA Conference
Hilton Boston Logan Airport in Boston, MA
Thursday, November 5 - Saturday, November 7, 2009.

Complete program available at

Medieval- and Early Modern-Themed Sessions/Papers are as follows:

Thurs3.8 Room 208 Thursday, Nov. 5 5:30-6:45
J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis 1
Panel Chair:

Re-forging the Ring: Peter Jackson's Interpretation of Tolkien and the Problem of Evil
Katherine Wolfe, Catholic University of America

New and Familiar worlds: C.S. Lewis as Scholar
Jeffrey Gutierrez, Boston College

Terrorism and the Popularity of 'The Ring' and 'Narnia' Films
Jomar Daniel Isip, Independent Scholar

Fri9.8 Room 208 Friday, Nov. 6 4:00-5:15
Film Studies 5: Gandhi, Cervantes and Beckett
Panel Chair: Monica O'Brien, Chester College of New England

Paper 3 of 3:
Wrestling Miguel deCervantes: (Golden-)Aged Superheroes in The Wrestler and Don Quijote
Michael W. Joy, Northern Michigan University

Fri9.10 Room 210 Friday, Nov. 6 4:00-5:15
Beowulf to Shakespeare 1: All Hail the Queen: Representations of Elizabeth I
Panel Chair: Michael Torregrossa, Independent Scholar

Putting the "I" in Elizabeth: Identification in Young Adult Historical Fiction for Girls
Rhea Emory-Morris, UNC Chapel Hill

Fiction, History, Art, and Literature in A. S. Byatt's Portrayal of Elizabeth I
Monica Santini, Universita degli studi de Padova

'And besides the Wench is Dead': Tudor-era Murder Mysteries
Annalisa Castaldo, Widener University

Fri10.10 Room 210 Friday, Nov. 6 5:30-6:45
Beowulf to Shakespeare 2: Teaching Renaissance
Panel Chair: Diana Vecchio, Widener University

Situating the Readers and Reading the Situation: Interpretive Limits in Reading Shakespearean Adaptations
J. Michael Richardson, Lakehead University
Kim Fedderson, Lakehead University

Shakespeare Pedagogy
Avi Mendelson, Brandeis University

Sat10.5 Middlebury Saturday, Nov. 7 8:30-9:45
Beowulf to Shakespeare 3: Shakespeare in Popular Media
Panel Chair: Rhea Emory-Morris, UNC Chapel Hill

Taste, Class, and Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet's Critique of High Culture
Zak Bronson, Brock University

Dynamics of Gender and Sexuality in Three Shakespearean Teen Comedies
Gozde Kilic, Independent Scholar

Shakespeare Meets Rock'n Roll in Korea: A Musical Twist on Hamlet
Kang Kim, Honam University

Sat11.5 Middlebury Saturday, Nov. 7 10:00-11:15
Beowulf to Shakespeare 4: Return from Avalon: Arthurian Representations in Popular Culture
Panel Chair: Mary Behrman, Morehouse College

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in King Arthur's Court: A Way into the Corpus of Arthurian-Themed Comics
Michael A. Torregrossa, The Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages

The Sword-Wielding Guinevere: Is this the Meaning of Women-Empowering?
MaryLynn Saul, Worcester State College

Escape from Enchantment: Reflections of Merlin in the 21st Century
Diana M. Vecchio, Widener University

Sat15.8 Room 208 Saturday, Nov. 7 2:30-3:45
Beowulf to Shakespeare 5: Medieval Texts
Panel Chair: Diana Vecchio, Widener University

Teaching Medieval Literature: Continuity or Difference?
Amanda Leff, Wellesley College

'If it be your will:' Sadomasochism in Chaucer's The Clerk's Tale
Michelle Danner, Widener University

Winnowing the Wheat from the Chaff: Discerning the Medieval in Helgeland's A Knight's Tale
Mary Behrman, Morehouse College

Sat16.8 Room 208 Saturday, Nov. 7 4:00-5:15
Beowulf to Shakespeare 6: Descent in Darkness: Darker Elements of Medieval and Renaissance Popular Culture
Panel Chair: Diana Vecchio, Widener University

'I'm an Agent of Chaos': An Examination of Heath Ledger's Joker's Relation to the Medieval Vice Figure in Christopher Nolan's Film The Dark Knight
Mark Kaethler, Independent Scholar

Beowulf: The Monsters and the Movies
Ann Martinez, University of Kansas

Something Wicked this Way Comes: Wells and Macbeth
Virginia Wells, Florida Atlantic University

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