Sunday, January 3, 2010

MMSM: Studies in Medievalism 19

From the Boydell & Brewer web site:

Studies in Medievalism XIX
Defining Neomedievalism(s)
Edited by Karl Fugelso

14 b/w illustrations
Pages: 192
Size: 23.4 x 15.6
13 digit ISBN: 9781843842286
Binding: Hardback
First published: 15/Jul/2010
Price: 95.00 USD / 50.00 GBP
Imprint: D. S. Brewer
Series: Studies in Medievalism
Subject: Medieval Literature

The focus on neomedievalism at the 2007 International Conference on Medievalism, in ever more sessions at the annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, and by many recent or forthcoming publications has left little doubt of the importance of this new, provocative area of study. In response to a seminal essay defining medievalism in relationship to neomedievalism [published in volume 18 of this journal], the volume begins with seven essays defining neomedievalism in relationship to medievalism. Their positions are then tested by five articles, whose subjects range from modern American manifestations of Byzantine art, to the Vietnam War as refracted through non-heterosexual implications in the 1976 movie Robin and Marian, and versions of abjection in recent Beowulf films. Theory and practice are thus juxtaposed in a volume that is certain to fuel a central debate in not one but two of the fastest growing areas of academia.

Contributors: Amy S. Kaufman, Brent Moberley, Kevin Moberley, Lesley Coote, Cory Lowell Grewell, M.J. Toswell, E.L. Risden, Lauryn S. Mayer, Glenn Peers, Tison Pugh, David W. Marshall, Richard H. Osberg, Richard Utz


Editorial Note
1 Medieval Unmoored
2 Neomedievalism, Hyperrealism, and Simulation
3 A Short Essay about Neo-Medievalism
4 Neomedievalism: An Eleventh Little Middle Ages?
5 The Simulacrum of Neomedievalism
6 Sandworms, Bodices, and Undergrounds: The Transformative Mélange of Neomedievalism
7 Dark Matters and Slippery Words: Grappling with Neomedievalism[s]
8 Utopia and Heterotopia: Byzantine Modernisms in America
9 Queer Crusading, Military Masculinity, and Allegories of Vietnam in Richard Lester's Robin and Marian
10 Getting Reel with Grendel's Mother: The Abject Maternal and Social Critique
11 The Colony Writes Back: F. N. Robinson's Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer and the Translatio of Chaucer Studies to the United States
12 False Memories: The Dream of Chaucer and Chaucer's Dream in the Medieval Revival
13 Notes on Contributors

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