Thursday, March 25, 2010

MMSM: PCA/ACA 2010 Meeting's Medieval-Themed Sessions

The following represent the medieval- and Gothic-themed (though not all vampire--especially Twilight-themed--ones) papers and sessions at the upcoming Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association Annual Meeting to be held next week in St. Louis. The complete program (and addendum) can be accessed at:

The Society will be sponsoring a session on medieval-themed comics at next year's conference in San Antonio, and a call for papers will be posted soon.

2010 Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture Associations
March 31 – April 3, 2010
Renaissance Grand Hotel St. Louis

Arthurian Legends
2148 Morgan, Mordred, and Magic: Arthuriana out in Left Field: Lucas (21st Floor)
2228 Chalices and Blades: Chasing Arthurian Objects: Lucas (21st Floor)
3036 Arthur's “Afterlife” and the Dialectics of Adaptation: Lucas (21st Floor)
3106 Success and Failure in Arthurian Adaptation: Lucas (21st Floor)

Festivals & Faires
3142 On the Fringe & at the Edge: Festivals at the Margins: Lucas (21st Floor)
3246 Between the Sublime and the Grotesque: Outdoor Performances: Lucas (21st
3384 Renaissance Festivals: From Performers to Pushmonkeys--Views from the
Inside: Lucas (21st Floor)

Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture
1018 Nineteenth Century British: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1062 Contemporary Film: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1122 Dan Brown's Gothic: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2056 American Gothic: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2134 Contemporary Monstrosites: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2204 Contemporary American: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3194 Interpretive Journeys of Power in Dracula: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3276 Early British: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3344 Figures and Sites: Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)

Medieval Popular Culture
2302 Discourse & Twists: Lucas (21st Floor)
2362 Gender & Medievalism: Lucas (21st Floor)

WEDNES, 12:30-2:00 PM

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1018 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Nineteenth Century British
Session Chair: Amanda Schafer, University of Arkansas
“Imperfect Animation: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the Hideous Progeny of Domestic Tranquility”
Amanda Schafer
“Jane Austen and Zombies and Mummies and More”
Brenta Blevins, Radford University
“Lonely Ghosts: Death and Romance in the Poems of Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti”
Marie Thompson, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
“Male/Female Doubling and Reversals in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Villette
Lauren Miskin, Drew University

WEDNES, 2:30-4:00 PM

Room 241 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
1048 Libraries, Archives, Museums, & Popular Research: Beyond the Exhibition: Content & Intent
Session Chair: Allen Ellis, Northern Kentucky University
PAPER 1 of 4: “Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine: An Exhibition Case Study in Using Popular Culture to Explore History”
Elizabeth Bland, National Library of Medicine

Majestic C (2nd Floor)
1052 Game Studies: Histories of and in Games
Session Chair: Greg Gillespie, Brock University
“‘On the Gallian Front’: Valkyria Chronicles Game and the ‘Cute’ Memory of War”
Iskandar Zulkarnian, University of Rochester
“Guys N' Dolls in the Digital World: Representations of Femininity and Masculinity in Action/Adventure Computer Games. Changes in the past decade”
Noga Flandra, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
“Spacewar and the Anomaly of the Origins of the Computer Game”
Devin Monnens, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
“Remember the Good Old Days?: Nostalgia, D&D, and the Dungeon Crawl Classics”
Greg Gillespie

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1062 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Contemporary Film
Session Chair: Matthew English, Idaho State University
“Darkly Dreaming Dexter and the Incredible Hulk: Modern Gothic Mutations of Stevenson’s Iconic Doppelganger”
Matthew English
“The Female Gothic Journey: Revealing Cinematic Patterns of the Female Protagonist in Gothic Narratives”
Rachel Kennedy, Texas Tech University
Dexter : A ‘Real’ Killer”
Douglas L. Howard, Suffolk County Community College
“Un/queering the Gothic: Demi-Haunted”
Chan Shuen, National Taiwan Normal University

Room 104 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1076 Horror (Fiction, Film): Exploring Horror Conventions
Session Chair: Michelle Hansen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
PAPER 2 of 4: “‘See? I'm Real’: Gothic and Horror Literature Meet Survival Horror”
Angela Harrison, Old Dominion University

WEDNES, 4:30-6:00 PM

Pershing (1st Floor)
1092 British Popular Culture: Contemporary Adaptations of British Literature
Session Chair: Frank Riga, Canisius College
PAPER 2 of 3: “Zombies, Vampyres, and Sea Monsters: Jane Austen Goes Gothic”
Jayme Blandford, West Virginia University

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1122 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Dan Brown's Gothic
Session Chair: Joseph Ceccio, The University of Akron
“Women in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol
Joseph Ceccio
“The Character of Robert Langdon in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol
Diana Reep, University of Akron
“Villains in Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and The Lost Symbol
Thomas Dukes, The University of Akron

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
1130 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Twilight III: Vampires and Privilege: Twilight, True Blood, and More
Session Chair: Ananya Mukherjea, CUNY College of Staten Island
PAPER 1 of 4: “Vampires, Plastic Surgeons, and Privilege: Blood and Beauty in Dracula, Nip/Tuck, and Twilight
Angela Tenga, Florida Institute of Technology
PAPER 4 of 4: “My Vampire Boyfriend: Resurrecting the Privileged Gentleman as the Romantic Ideal”
Ananya Mukherjea, CUNY College of Staten Island

THURS., 8:00-9:30 AM

Lucas (21st Floor)
2002 Fairy Tales: Fairy Tales and the Forging of National Identities
Session Chair: Linda J. Holland-Toll, Mt. Olive College
PAPER 2 OF 4:“The Lion, the Witch and the Cold War: The Anti-Soviet Sentiment in the Fairy Tales of C.S. Lewis”
Roger Chapman, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Room 232 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
2054 Mystery & Detective Fiction: The World of Martha Grimes
Session Chair: Sarah Fogle, Embry-Riddle University
PAPER 3 of 3: “Martha Grimes' Emma Graham as Quest Hero”
Sarah Fogle

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2056 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: American Gothic
Session Chair: Srijani Ghosh, Michigan State University
“Uncovering the Unheimlich in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe”
Srijani Ghosh
“Rural Gothic Realism”
Rebecca Peters-Golden, Indiana University
“‘All That is Unutterably Hideous’: Liminality and Space in H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shunned House’”
Rebecca Janicker, University of Portsmouth
“Motions to Modify the Monster at the Back of the Courtroom—Granted: The Courting of Frankenstein’s Brute and the Legal Appropriation of Mary Shelley’s Progeny”
Melissa DeFrench, Butler University

Parkview (Mezzanine)
2058 Dime Novels/Pulps/Juvenile Series Books: Detecting Boys’ Books and the Canon
Session Chair: Pamela Bedore, University of Connecticut
PAPER 1 of 4: “Sam and Dean Winchester: The New Frank and Joe Hardy?”
Frank W. Quillen, East Tennessee State University

THURS., 10:00-11:30 AM

Room 100 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2080 Stephen King: A Variety of Stephen King—Monsters and/of Genre
Session Chair: Tony Magistrale, University of Vermont
PAPER 4 of 4: “Gothic Western Epic Fantasy: Encompassing The Dark Tower”
Tony Magistrale

Landmark 5 (1st Floor)
2124 Gender Studies: Parenting and Childhood
Session Chair: Molly Westerman, St. Olaf College
PAPER 2 of 4: “Dis-Enchanted: The Evolution of the Disney Fairy-Tale Princess”
Casey B. Hart, University of Southern Mississipi, Hattiesburg

Lucas (21st Floor)
2128 Fairy Tales: Viewing Fairy Tales Through A Critical Lens
Session Chair: Robin Grey Nicks, Kaplan University
PAPER 2 of 3: “Implications and Layers: Author and Parody in The Princess Bride
Brenna L. Rose, University of Nevada, Reno
PAPER 3 of 3: “Fairy Tales and Necrophilia: Poe, Gothicism, and the Adaptation of the European Fairy Tale”
Robin Grey Nicks

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2134 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Contemporary Monstrosites
Session Chair: Louis Palmer, Castleton State College
“Straining the Genre: Guillermo Benicio Del Toro’s Vampires”
Louis Palmer
“The Ninety-Year-Old Virgin; or, Are Celibate Vampires the Sign of a Dying Genre? “
Sylvia Pamboukian, Robert Morris University
“Organization Vampires: Whatever Happened to Byron?”
Mary Y. Hallab, University of Central Missouri
“Twi-Hards and Fangbangers: Why We Crave Vampires”
Shanna Flaschka, University of Mississippi

Landmark 4 (1st Floor)
2138 Film: Race & Gender
Session Chair: Ina Christiane Seethaler, Saint Louis University
PAPER 4 of 4: “How Siamese Cats Are Constructed as the Villains of Disney's Animal Kingdom: The Perpetuation of Asian Stereotypes in Disney Films”
Ina Christiane Seethaler

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2142 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Triumphing through Community: The Power of Community in the Works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis
Session Chair: Charles E. Bressler, Indiana Wesleyan University
“The Virtue of Hope in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of The Rings: Hope's Presence, Meaning, and Function”
Tyler Brooks, Indiana Wesleyan University
“Conquering through Friendship: Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took's Triumphant Crisis Moments”
Lauren Leuschner, Indiana Wesleyan University
“Equipped for the Quest: Community and Power in CS Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia
Hilary Moore, Indiana Wesleyan University
“Good and Terrible Fear: Virtuous Fear in CS Lewis' The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
Amy Brooker, Indiana Wesleyan University

THURS., 12:30-2:00 PM

Lucas (21st Floor)
2148 Arthurian Legends: Morgan, Mordred, and Magic: Arthuriana out in Left Field
Session Chair: Michele D. Braun, Northeastern University
“‘Sympathy for the Devil’: The Dichotomy of Mordred in Popular Fiction”
Diana M. Vecchio, Widener University
“Reining in Morgaine: Revising Feminist Possibilities out of The Mists of Avalon”
Deidra Donmoyer, Wesleyan College
“Magic and the Feminine in the BBC's Merlin
Christina Francis, Bloomsbury University
“Saving Baseball, Saving Arthur: Morganna the Kissing Bandit Resurrects Morgan le Fay”
Jill Hebert, University of St. Mary

Lindell (1st Floor)
2166 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., & Electronic Gaming): Adapting the Middle East and the Question of Music
Session Chair: Brooke L. Grant, University of South Carolina
PAPER 2 OF 4: “The Thief of Bagdad, Middle Eastern Culture, and British Nationalism”
Jessica Wiest, Brigham Young University

Pershing (1st Floor)
2188 British Popular Culture: Ancient and Modern Themes in Literature and Film
Session Chair: John Rogers, Vincennes University
PAPER 1 of 3: “When Beowulf met Batman: Adapting Beowulf for Film and Stage in the Twenty-First Century”
Adrianna Radosti, Morningside College
PAPER 2 of 3: “Túrin and Aragorn: Evading and Embracing Fate”
Janet Croft, University of Oklahoma Libraries

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2204 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Contemporary American
Session Chair: Michael Hannaford, College of Coastal Georgia
“Cunningly Incestuous Possession: Niffenegger’s Discordant Doppelgänger in Her Fearful Symmetry
Michael Hannaford
“‘It’s a woman—a woman made of cake!’ The Postfeminist Cannibalism and The Ethics of Cross-Species in Margaret Atwood’s The Edible Woman
Grace Tzu-wei Chen, National Taiwan Normal University
“No Way Out: The Gothic Element of Entrapment in Two Short Stories by Joyce Carol Oates”
Kim Lyons, Castleton State College
“Carrying Traditional Gothic Elements into Post-Colonial Literature”
Kayleigh Oldham, Castleton State College

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2214 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Beyond the Apocalypse
Session Chair: Ryan Neighbors, University of Arkansas
PAPER 3 of 3: “The Failure of Utopian Desire in the Star Wars Franchise”
Ryan Neighbors

THURS., 2:30-4:00 PM

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2224 Literature & Madness: Literature and Madness
Session Chair: Branimir M Rieger, Lander University
“King Lear Meets Walter Bishop: Patriarchs and the Gift of Madness”
Heather G.S. Johnson, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

2228 Arthurian Legends: Chalices and Blades: Chasing Arthurian Objects
Session Chair: Elizabeth Sklar, Wayne State University
“Chasing the Cure with Arthur in the Reconstruction South”
Rob Wakeman, University of Maryland
“Is that Excalibur in Your Pocket?—The T.V. Heroine’s Little Sword Problem”
Amy S. Kaufman, Wesleyan College
“Girls Following the Grail: Summer Camp and the Rhetoric of Arthurian Tradition”
Shannon Howard, The University of South Alabama
“Wielding a Sword: Becoming a Man/Becoming a King in A. A. Attanasio’s The Dragon and the Unicorn
Michele D. Braun, Northeastern University

Room 231 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
2232 Film & History: Cinematic Images of Others
Session Chair: Keeley Kristin, Louisiana State University
PAPER 1 of 4: “Noble Savages and Savage Nobles: Popular Characterizations of Pre-Columbian Civilization in Apocalypto and Beyond”
Andrew Finegold, Columbia University
PAPER 2 of 4: “‘There is only light:’ Romance and Crusade in Kingdom of Heaven
Bonnie Erwin, Indiana University

Room 100 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2238 Stephen King: “What is he thinking?”—The (Firing) Range of the Horror King
Session Chair: Patrick McAleer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
PAPER 1 of 4: “Florida Gothic: Stephen King’s New Regionalism in the Sunshine State”
Phillip Simpson, Brevard Community College

Lindell (1st Floor)
2248 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., & Electronic Gaming): Basterds, Vampires, and The Cold War
Session Chair: Dennis Cutchins, Brigham Young University
PAPER 2 of 4: "Work It: Dracula, Adaptation, and Nineteenth-Century Studies”
Anna Bennion, University of South Carolina

Pershing (1st Floor)
2266 Professional Development: Roundtable: Publishing in Popular Culture
Session Chair: Kathy Merlock Jackson, Virginia Wesleyan College
Deborah Carmichael, Managing Editor, Journal of Popular Culture
Kathy Merlock Jackson, Editor, Journal of American Culture
Lynn Bartholome, Book Review Editor, Journal of American Culture

Landmark 4 (1st Floor)
2282 Film: Science Fiction & Fantasy: Metropolis, LOTR, and Star Trek
Session Chair: Donald E. Palumbo, East Carolina University
[I think these are on Lord of the Rings]
PAPER 2 of 4: “The Role of Painters in Conceptualizing Film”
Michael Cook, Austin College
PAPER 3 of 4: “'I'm Not Dead Yet': Death and Resurrection Interpreted and Misinterpreted by Hollywood”
Sandra Watson, University of Arkansas, Monticello

THURS., 4:30-6:00 PM

Lindell (1st Floor)
2288 Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., & Electronic Gaming): Roundtable Discussion, “Publishing”
Session Chair: Dennis Cutchins, Brigham Young University
Lynnea Chapman King, Butler Community College James Welsh, Salisbury University, Emeritus Laurence Raw, Baskent University, Ankara

Lucas (21st Floor)
2302 Medieval Popular Culture: Discourse & Twists
Session Chair: K. A. Laity, College of Saint Rose
“Discourses of the Plague with a Science Fiction Twist: A Look at the Black Death through Connie Willis’s Doomsday Book
Justin Barker, New York University
“The Subaltern’s Voice and Self-healing in the Storytelling of Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’”
Osmond Chien-ming Chang, National Chung Cheng University
“Le corps handicapé dans les fabliaux”
M. Andia Augustin, Washington University
“Frodo and Faramir: Mirrors of Chivalry”
Constance Wagner, St. Peter's College

Flora (21st Floor)
2306 Tarot in Culture II: Revising the Deck and its Uses
Session Chair: Emily E. Auger, Independent Scholar
PAPER 1 of 3: “Speculations on Cathar Tarot Imagery”
Christine Parkhurst, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Room 103 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2330 Medical Humanities: Health & Disease in Culture: Conceptualizing Disability
Session Chair: Lauren Coker, Saint Louis University
PAPER 3 of 3: “Metatheatricality and ‘Disability Drag’ in King Lear: Questioning the Corpo (reality) of Ailing Bodies on the Renaissance Stage”
Lauren Coker

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2350 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Twilight IX: Love, Grief, Jane Eyre and the Environment: Analyzing Various Apsects of the Twilight Series
Session Chair: Lisa Martin, University of Wisconsin--Baraboo
PAPER 3 of 4: “The Twilight Series’ Connections to Jane Eyre: A Feminist Approach to the Gothic Tradition”
Lisa Martin

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
2352 Science Fiction/Fantasy: SF/F as Genre, Genre in SF/F
Session Chair: Kim Kirkpatrick, Fayetteville State University
PAPER 3 of 5: “New American Myth: The Creolization of Native Beliefs and European Legends in Urban Fantasy”
Rikk Mulligan, Michigan State University

THURS., 8:15-9:45 PM

Lucas (21st Floor)
2362 Medieval Popular Culture: Gender & Medievalism
Session Chair: K. A. Laity, College of Saint Rose
“Performing Medieval Gender on the 21st Century Stage: A look at Edward II and The Garden Of Earthly Delights
Katherine Allocco, Western Connecticut State University
“‘Nu ic, Beowulf...’: Old English and Monstrosity in Neil Gaiman’s & Roger Avary’s Beowulf
Kristin Noone, University of California, Riverside
“Three days to ‘Silence’: Medieval cross-dressing in young adult fiction”
Erin Jones, Abilene Christian University
“A Bigger, Better Beowulf: Masculinity & Medieval Film”
K. A. Laity

FRIDAY, 8:00-9:30 AM

Lucas (21st Floor)
3036 Arthurian Legends: Arthur's “Afterlife” and the Dialectics of Adaptation
Session Chair: Amy S. Kaufman, Wesleyan College
“Some Remarks on the Issue of Adaptation”
Samuel J. Umland, University of Nebraska, Kearney
“'That's Not All, Folks': The Reinvention of Arthurian Legend”
Rebecca A. Umland, University of Nebraska at Kearney
“'The Past and Future King!': Camelot 3000, Context, and the Limits of Adaptation”
Dion Cautrell, University of Nebraska at Kearney

Majestic C (2nd Floor)
3058 Game Studies: Constructing Subjects, Objects and Experiences
Session Chair: Andrew Baerg, University of Houston, Victoria
PAPER 3 of 4: “World of Craft: Crafted Objects in World of Warcraft
Amanda Sikarskie, Michigan State University

FRIDAY, 10:00-11:30 AM

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3080 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Sex, Swords, and Sinews: Femininity and Masculinity in Robert E. Howard's Barbarian Fiction
Session Chair: Justin Everett, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
“Sex, Love, and the Dark Barbarian: Howard's Female Dilemma”
Deirdre Pettipiece, West Chester University
“Feminism and Robert E. Howard's Women: The Empowered Woman in Howard's Fictional Worlds”
Amy Kerr, Robert E. Howard United Press Association
Barbara Barrett, Robert E. Howard United Press Association
“Death, Destruction, and Dismemberment: Primal Masculinity in the Heroes of Robert E. Howard”
Justin Everett

Majestic A (2nd Floor)
3100 Fan Culture & Theory: Reassessing Fan Practices: Supernatural and Star Wars
Session Chair: Laura Lea Bourland, University of Alabama
“The Monster at the End of this Book: Supernatural Mis(sed)readings, Narrative Stability, and Textual Authority”
Kayley Thomas, University of Florida
“‘I Have a Bad Feeling about This’: Imitation, Invention, and Exploring the Unexplored”
Christine Handley, Dalhousie University
“‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell!’: Fan Shame in the Supernatural Fandom”
Lynn Zubernis, West Chester University

Lucas (21st Floor)
3106 Arthurian Legends: Success and Failure in Arthurian Adaptation
Session Chair: Donald L. Hoffman,
“What’s So Funny? And Why Not?— Problems of Humor in Modern Arthuriana”
Norris J. Lacy, Pennsylvania State University
The Da Vinci Code meets Lancelot: Reimagining Medieval Texts in the Freshman Classroom”
Greta Smith, Miami University Ohio
“Arthur for Children”
Paul Moffett, University of Manitoba

Majestic C (2nd Floor)
3132 Game Studies: A Time and Place for Cultural Identities
Session Chair: Gerald Voorhees, High Point University
PAPER 3 of 4: “Odalisques, Orientals, and Orcs: Racism and Racial Stereotyping in Dungeons And Dragons
Chris Danielson, Montana Tech

Room 104 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3138 Horror (Fiction, Film): Vampires and Cannibals in Horror Literature and Film
Session Chair: Jim Iaccino, Chicago School of Professional Psychology
PAPER 1 of 3: “From England to America: The Transformation of the Otherness from the XIX Century to the Contemporary Vampires in American Horror Movies”
Tuan An Nguyen, Bowling Green State University
PAPER 2 of 3: “From Monster to Anti-Hero: The Evolution of Vampire Literature”
Amber Andrews, Heritage University

FRIDAY, 12:30-2:00 PM

Lucas (21st Floor)
3142 Festivals & Faires: On the Fringe & at the Edge: Festivals at the Margins
Session Chair: Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans, University of Arizona
“The Gaze in the Age of Technological Proliferation, or Things are Seldom what They Seem”
Ruth Barnes, Missouri State University
“Myth and the Proliferation of Fringe Festivals”
Xela Batchelder, Drexel University
“Printmaking and Protest at the 1970 Venice Biennale”
Jennifer Noonan, Caldwell College

Room 100 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3146 Buffy: Music & Dreams
Session Chair: Lori Hoodenpyle, Independent Scholar
PAPER 3 of 4: “Pop Culture and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: What Buffy Tells Us about the Place of the Occult, Society’s ‘Outsiders,’ and Women in Today’s Culture”
Michael Kahn, Queens College
PAPER 4 of 4: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Archetypal Heroine, Post Modern Heroine and Dream Girl”
Lori Hoodenpyle

Landmark 4 (1st Floor)
3168 Film: Postmortem Postmodern: Death and the Body in Contemporary Film
Session Chair: John Toth, Antelope Valley College
PAPER 1 of 4: “From Sacrifice to Succubus: Jennifer's Body and the Gothic Twist”
Scott Covell, Antelope Valley College

Pershing (1st Floor)
3184 Professional Development: Roundtable: Journal Publication
Session Chair: Jorge Febles, Editor, Caribe
Janet Brennan Croft, Editor, Mythlore
Jim Welsh, Editor, Literature/Film Quarterly
Jorge Febles, Editor, Caribe

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3194 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Interpretive Journeys of Power in Dracula
Session Chair: Paula Schevers, Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Wicked Burning Desire: Imperial Subjectivity through Feminine Sexuality in Dracula
Paula Schevers
“Bram Stoker's Dracula: Power in Language”
Dana Bruhn, Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Gothic Connections: Dracula, Voldemort, and the Seducation of the Reader”
Stacey Amo, Minnesota State University, Mankato
“Threats to the Empire: Postcolonial Revenge in Bram Stoker's Dracula
Candice Deal, Minnesota State University, Mankato

FRIDAY, 2:30-4:00 PM

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3226 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Out of the Coffin, Into the Bedroom: Vampires and Sexuality
Session Chair: Richard Primuth, University of West Georgia
PAPER 1 OF 4: “‘You Yourself Never Loved; You Never Love’: The Pursuit of Happiness in Stoker's Dracula and Gomez's The Gilda Stories
Kourtney Luster, Johnson C. Smith University

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3228 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Traveling Time
Session Chair: Anca Rosu, DeVry University
PAPER 1 OF 4: “Historical Selection and Time Travel Television: Approaches to History in Time Tunnel, Quantum Leap, and Voyagers
Korcaighe Hale, Ohio University, Zanesville

Room 100 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3238 Science Fiction/Fantasy Roundtable: Thou Shalt Not Perish!: Publishing Science Fiction and Fantasy Scholarship with McFarland
Moderator: Donald Palumbo, Series Editor for McFarland Publishers. He is Professor of English at East Carolina University.
Discuss your ideas and specific proposals for book-length (70,000-110,000 words) monographs or edited essay collections on any aspect of science fiction or fantasy literature, film, art, theory, or popular culture studies with the series editor of McFarland’s “Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy” series. While complete proposals will be accepted, this session is primarily for information-sharing and brainstorming, so come with your concept or thesis and begin to turn it into a published book.

Lucas (21st Floor)
3246 Festivals & Faires: Between the Sublime and the Grotesque: Outdoor Performances
Session Chair: Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans, University of Arizona
“Hell On Wheels: Casket Races Celebrate a Post-Industrial Halloween in Elmore, Ohio”
Dan Shope, Murray State University
“Considering Outdoor Theater through Bakhtin & the Carnivalesque”
Wendy Clupper, Independent Scholar
“Street and Stage: Different Places, Different Problems”
Anne Frates, Independent Scholar
“Ten Months, 12 Festivals, and 15,000 Miles”
Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans

Room 242 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
3272 Romance VII: Romancing Vampires: Toothsome Heroes and Happy Endings
Session Chair: Sarah G. Frantz, Fayetteville State University
PAPER 1 OF 4: “Sexual Exchange and Submission in Dracula: A Precursor to Gay Erotica Romance”
Haley Stokes
PAPER 4 OF 4: “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Christine Feehan's Carpathian Heroes”
Kat Schroeder, University of Washington

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3276 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Early British
Session Chair: Angela F Jacobs, University of Dayton
“The Shifting Gothic Psyche: The Depiction of Individual Conscience versus Received Authority in Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian
Angela F Jacobs
“From Imitation to Mastery: The Development of Style in the Gothic Novels of Francis Lathom”
Joel T. Terranova, McNeese State University
“Sepulcher and Spectacle: Shakespeare’s Influence in the Gothic Novels of Horace Walpole and Matthew Lewis”
Natalie Hewett, Hope International University
“The Romance of the Forest: Ann Radcliffe’s Community of Sensibility”
Jamil M Mustafa, Lewis University

FRIDAY, 4:30-6:00 PM
Flora (21st Floor)
3282 Shakespeare on Film and Television: Shakespeare on Film and Television
Session Chair: Richard Vela, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
PAPER 1 OF 4: “Zeferelli: Privileging the Visual Over the Word”
Peter Babiak, York University
PAPER 4 OF 4: “Writing Shakespeare: Images of Authorship in Film”
Richard Vela

Room 231 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
3284 Travel & Tourism: Close Encounters of The Strange Kind: Foreigners Here and Abroad
Session Chair: Daniel Fuller, Kent State University
PAPER 3 OF 3: “Lookin' at the World Through a Windshield: Coast to Coast with the Knights (and the Ladies) of the Road”

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3306 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: See Me, See Me Not: The Changing Image of the Vampire
Session Chair: Nancee Reeves, Purdue University
PAPER 3 OF 3: “The Shifting Image of Vampires in Popular Culture”
Julia Chinnock, Texas State University

Room 105 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3344 Gothic in Literature, Film, & Culture: Figures and Sites
Session Chair: Sarah Turner, University of Vermont
“Burning LA (or LA is Burning): The Virgin of Flames, The Day of the Locust, and America’s Apocalyptic Diaspora”
Sarah Turner
“The Dead Man: George Thompson’s Gothic Criminal as Monomaniacal Murderer”
Jarrod Roark, University of Missouri-Kansas City
“Harry Potter, Gothic Convention, and the Innocent Child: Protecting Innocence and the Ascent to Adulthood”
Kasey Butcher, Miami University of Ohio
“Wicked Symmetry: The Dangerous Compulsion of Attraction in Twilight and Ziska
Marnie Jones, University of North Florida

FRIDAY, 6:30-8:00 PM

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3358 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: True Blood I: True Blood's Development of the Vampire Figure
Session Chair: Sabrina Boyer, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
“The Faces of Evil and Fear in True Blood
Elizabeth Sherwood , Bowling Green State University
“Spectacle of the Dead: Situationist Vampires in True Blood
James McLeod, University of Sydney
“Gender Performance in Dead Until Dark and True Blood: Sookie’s Negotiation of Femininity and Politeness”
Kristi McDuffie, Eastern Illinois University
“‘Thou shall not crave thy neighbor’: True Blood, Abjection and Otherness”
Sabrina Boyer

Lucas (21st Floor)
3384 Festivals & Faires: Renaissance Festivals: From Performers to Pushmonkeys--Views from the Inside
Session Chair: Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans, University of Arizona
“Beyond the Fourth Wall: An Exploration of the Carnivalesque Attributes of the American Renaissance Festival”
Amanda Anderson, Louisiana State University
“Playing Pirate before its Time”
Mark A. Korol-Evans, Independent Scholar
“These are the People in Your Neighborhood”
A. Tom Rehn, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
“Working at the Faire: Gamers, Pushmonkeys, Shop Trolls, and Booth Owners—The People Who Don't Get Their Pictures Taken”
James Sweetland, Pigasus Books

FRIDAY, 8:15-9:45 PM

Lucas (21st Floor)
Festivals & Faires: Making “Medieval Mayhem” with Dinner: Impossible at the Maryland Renaissance Festival
Chair: Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans, University of Arizona
Kimberly Tony Korol-Evans will moderate this special session about the making of Dinner: Impossible’s “Medieval Mayhem” episode filmed in September, 2007 at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Special guests Paula Peterka and Laura Kilbane Tucci were driving forces behind the preparation, planning, and execution of this event, an episode of the very popular cable television series Dinner: Impossible, starring Chef Robert Irvine. Following a showing of the episode, Peterka and Kilbane Tucci will explain what went on “behind the scenes” to bring this highly entertaining program to the little screen.

Majestic C (2nd Floor)
3401 Game Studies: Roundtable/Business Meeting
Friday, April 2, 8:30 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.
Moderator: Tony Avruch, Bowling Green State University

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
3402 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Castration, Terror and Pleasure, Oh My! An Intimate Look at the Vampire
Session Chair: Rebecca Brown, Texas A&M at San Antonio
PAPER 2 OF 3: “‘You Getting the Crash? The Sunset? The Tits?’ The Pleasures and Dangers of Consuming and Being Consumed in Stoker’s Dracula and Lussier’s Dracula 2000
Sonja Luther, University of Southern Mississippi

Landmark 5 (1st Floor)
3404 The Body & Physical Difference: Embodied Others and the “Not Us”
Session Chair: Kirsten Wasson, Ithaca College
PAPER 2 OF 3: “‘I’m on the Brute Squad’: The Giant in Popular American Culture”“
Paul Huggins, Southern Illinois University
PAPER 3 OF 3: “Ethnic Embodiment in the 'True Blood' Series”
Kirsten Wasson

SATURDAY, 8:00-9:30 AM

Aubert (Mezzanine)
4002 Cemeteries & Gravemarkers: Fifth Session
Session Chair: Richard A. Sauers, Riverview Cemetery
PAPER 2 OF 4: “All Hallow’s Eve Home Displays: Gravestones, Ghosts and Ghouls As Lawn Decorations”
Francis Rexford Cooley, Paier College of Art

SATURDAY, 10:00-11:30 PM

4005 Southern Literature and Culture: More Southern Favorites
Session Chair: Christopher Bloss
PAPER 2 OF 4: “The Last of the Ancient Race: Transatlanticism and the Construction of Whiteness in Edgar Allan Poe’s Southern Gothic”
Amanda Johnson, Vanderbilt University

Room 102 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
4018 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: True Blood II: True Blood’s Varied Depictions of the Vampire
Session Chair: Melissa Anyiwo, Curry College
True Blood and the Multifaceted Monster”
Nareen Manoukian, California State University at Northridge
“Lineage and the Supernatural: Character Development and Biography in Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood
Dev Kumar Bose, Clemson University
“Red as the New Black, Vampire as the New Negro: Exploring the Vampire as Visible Minority in HBO’s True Blood
Melissa Anyiwo, Curry College

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
4020 Science Fiction/Fantasy: Love and Sex
Session Chair: Sherry Ginn, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
PAPER 2 OF 3: “Erotic Manipulation of Sir Gawain (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) and Eve (Paradise Lost)”
Lindzy Marchbanks, Northeast Lakeview College

Room 242 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
4044 Romance IX: So Classy!: High/Low/Middle Class/Culture
Session Chair: Sarah G. Frantz, Fayetteville State University
PAPER 3 OF 3: “She quoted Shakespeare!: The inclusion of highbrow literature in popular romance novels”
Tamara Whyte, University of Alabama

SATURDAY, 12-30-2:00 PM

Room 104 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
4062 Horror (Fiction, Film): Horror and Cultural Analysis
Session Chair: Carl Sederholm, Brigham Young University
“A Gothic Tale—without the Zombies and Werewolves: John Williams' The Man Who Cried I Am as a Postcolonial Gothic Fiction”
Sabrina Gilchrist, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
“Red in Tooth and Claw: True Blood and the Cultural Politics of Contagion”
Florian Vlad, University of Giessen, Germany
“Cultural Trauma in the American Security Regime: Horror and Therapy in James Agee's The Night Of The Hunter
Mark Wildermuth, The University of Texas, Permian Basin
“Where Do We Put the Monsters?: Modernizing Horror at the Turn of the Century”
Dean Bowers, Odessa College

Room 103 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
4086 Theatre & Drama: Popularizing Will: Shakespeare in America, a Performance
Session Chair: Susan Anthony, Depauw University
“Popularizing Will”
Sharon Ammen, Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods
Danielle O'Connor, Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods
Christian Ridgway, Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods
Tyler Hutcheson, Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods
Martin Hughes, Depauw University
Ed Heenes, Depauw University
Jared Norman, Depauw University

SATURDAY, 2:30-4:00 PM

Flora (21st Floor)
4094 Psychology, Mental Health, & Mental Illness in Popular Culture: Vampires, Veterans and Comic Book Villains-Mental Illness in American Popular Literature
Session Chair: Lawrence Rubin, St. Thomas University
PAPER 2 OF 2: “A Psychological Analysis of the Heart of Darkness-Psychology of the Vampire”
Jessica McMinn, Missouri Western State University
Cristen Cagle, Missouri Western State University

Landmark 2 (1st Floor)
4098 Gay, Lesbian, & Queer Studies: Sexual Identity and the Gothic in American Women’s Literature
Session Chair: Jane Campbell , Purdue University Calumet
“Girl Bites Girl: Lesbian Psychic Vampirism in Nella Larsen’s Passing
Kerry Luckett, Purdue University Calumet
“Red Dresses and Hairy Thighs: The Relativity of Gender in Carson McCuller’s The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe
Janneal Gifford, Purdue University Calumet
“The Sexual Secrets of Hill House”
Crystal Lynn Cox, Purdue University Calumet
“Finding a Reflection in the Work of Playwright Jane Chambers”
Theresa Carilli, Purdue University Calumet

Am’s Ctr (Room 102)
4099 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Roundtable—Blood, Sex, and Love: Exploring Vampire Romance Novels and Their Impact on the Image of the Vampire
Moderator: Amanda Hobson, Ohio University
Jessica Miller, University of Maine
Heide Crawford, University of Kansas
Bloodsucking fiends no longer. While there is not a single, monolithic vision of the vampire, the predominant pop culture image of the vampire has morphed from the unapologetic horror figure with gleaming fangs waiting to drain your blood to the sexy sympathetic and tortured soul that would rather sweep you off your feet than hurt you. Vampire myth, folklore, and fiction have integrated romance and sexuality as core elements from the beginning. The sympathetic vampire has existed within the folklore along with the more horrific, but this apologetic vampire has found a massive following in the last decade, especially as romance novelists have begun major incorporation of the vampire into their novels. Authors in other genres have also integrated this more sympathetic and charming vampire. These novels utilize a belief that vampires are neither good nor evil but can be either or both, as they inhabit the grey area. A few series stand out as indicative of this current trend, such as The Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, the Twilight Saga, and the Southern Vampire series (a.k.a.the Sookie Stackhouse series or True Blood). These series have demonstrated the evolution of the vampire’s use of sex and romance to lure prey to a desire for companionship. This roundtable will offer a venue to discuss this phenomenon of the vampire romance, including an exploration of the following questions: have these romantic vampires defanged the traditional vampire, are these vampires indicative of the larger vampire narratives particularly beginning in the nineteenth century, and why the romance genre has embraced the vampire lover?

Room 240 Am Ctr (2nd Floor)
4104 Comic Art & Comics: Ideologies and Philosophies
Session Chair: Paul Malone, University of Waterloo
PAPER 2 OF 4: “Her Guardiner: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing as the Green Man”
Colin Beineke, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Landmark 3 (1st Floor)
4116 Eros, Pornography & Popular Culture: Eros and Pornography
Session Chair: Ken Muir, Appalachian State University
PAPER 4OF 4: “Normality Through Sexuality: Vampires, Werewolves, and Faeries in Contemporary Popular Culture”
Anna Daley, Montclair State University

4137 The Vampire in Literature, Culture, & Film: Roundtable—From Vampire Killer to Succubus. The Evolution from Human to Monster in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series
Saturday, April 3, 4:30 - 6:00 PM
America’s Center (Room 102)
Moderator: Linda Holland-Toll, Mt. Olive College
Melissa Anyiwo, Curry College
Amanda Hobson, Ohio University
In the Anita Blake series, Laurell K. Hamilton takes us on a journey through a complex alternative world in which vampires and lycanthropes exist alongside us. It begins as a vampire detective series about a woman who has a simple understanding of right and wrong – where vampires are evil and sex is something reserved for long-term relationships. Anita’s sense of right and wrong is steadily whittled away as she falls in love with the very monsters she hates and slowly becomes one of them ending as a succubus who literally feeds on sex. From the beginning of the series, Anita struggles to define herself via her clashing identities as a necromancer, executioner, and Catholic evolving throughout the series to a deeply complicated expression of her self. Her moral and metaphysical explorations cause Anita’s continual questioning of her humanity. In addition, the series shifts and bends genre
moving from detective novel to erotica while hitting science fiction, horror, and fantasy along the way. This roundtable will explore some of the elements of that transformation.

SATURDAY, 4:30-6:00 PM

Room 101 Am Ctr (1st Floor)
4144 Science Fiction/Fantasy: The Hero Mythos
Session Chair: Garyn G. Roberts, Northwestern Michigan College
PAPER 2 OF 5: “Life after Archetypes: Why Focusing on the Hero's Journey Might Not Tell Us Much About the Success of Star Wars
Sean Capener, Azusa Pacific University
PAPER 3 OF 5: “Supernatural: The Art of Telling a Multi-Layered Story”
Wendy VanDellon, Ohio University
PAPER 5 OF 5: “The Two Faces of Merlin in the Harry Potter Novels”
Alan Brown, The University of West Alabama

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