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Corporate Medievalism

Corporate Medievalism
Studies in Medievalism XXI
Edited by Karl Fugelso

First Published: 19 Jul 2012
13 Digit ISBN: 9781843843221
Pages: 208
Size: 23.4 x 15.6
Binding: Hardback
Imprint: D.S.Brewer
Series: Studies in Medievalism
Subject: Medieval Literature
Details updated on 27 Nov 2011

Academia has never been immune to corporate culture, and despite the persistent association of medievalism with escapism, perhaps never has that been more obvious than at the present moment. The six essays that open the volume explore precisely how financial institutions have promoted, distorted, appropriated, resisted, and repudiated post-medieval interpretations of the middle ages. In the second part of the book, contributors explore medievalism in a variety of areas, juxtaposing specific case studies with broader investigations of the disciplines' motives and methods; they include Charles Kingsley's racial Anglo-Saxonism, Jessie L. Weston's Sir Gawain and the treatment of women in medievalist film. The book also includes a spirited response to previous Studies in Medievalism volumes on the topic neomedievalism.

Contributors: Harry Brown, Henrik Aubert, Helen Brookman, Pamela Clements, KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Jil Hanifan, Michael R. Kightley, Felice Lifshitz, Lauren S. Mayer, Brent Moberley, Kevin Moberley, E. L. Risden, Carol L. Robinson, M. J. Toswell, J. Rubén Valdés Miyares

1 Editorial Notes
2 Lives of Total Dedication? Medieval and Modern Corporate Identity
3 Reincorporating the Medieval: Morality, Chivalry, and Honor in Post-Financial-Meltdown Corporate Revisionism
4 Medievalism and Representations of Corporate Identity
5 Knights of the Ownership Society: Economic Inequality and Medievalist Film
6 A Corporate neo-Beowulf: Ready or Not, Here We Come
7 Unsettled Accounts: Corporate Culture and George R.R. Martin's Fetish Medievalism
8 Historicizing Neumatic Notation: Medieval Neumes as Cultural Artefacts of Early Modern Times
9 Hereward the Dane and the English, but Not the Saxon: Kingsley's Racial Anglo-Saxonism
10 From Romance to Ritual: Jessie L. Weston's Gawain
11 The Cinematic Sign of the Grail
12 Destructive Dominae: Women and Vengeance in Medievalist Film (Felice Lifshitz) (abstract)
13 Neomedievalism Unplugged
14 Notes on Contributors

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