Monday, August 12, 2013

PCMA and King Arthur Forever Update


It has been difficult of late keeping up to date with all our activities (especially emails) and recent research and conferences, and I'm trying to compartmentalize things further with the intent of (hopefully) turning the regular duties of this blog and the secretarial duties to another member of our learned society. As part of the extended planning for this sabbatical/retirement, I am beginning to pull apart our various web publications into more manageable parts. Some of these will be linked to my personal Google account (I think) and others to new groups.

 Here's the deal on Stage 1:

Our Arthurian-themed discussion lists are in the process of being transferred back to the King Arthur Forever umbrella from whence they originated back in 2000 as part of The Society for Arthurian Popular Culture Studies and will be listed henceforth under the sponsorship of the Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain. This new/old organization, which will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary in 2015, will also take over our Arthurian-themed blogs, King Arthur Forever, The Arthur of the Comics Project, and The Matter of Britain on Screen, and absorb the activities of both The Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Villains of the Matter of Britain and The Institute for the Advancement of Scholarship on the Magic-Wielding Figures of Visual Electronic Multimedia and their respective websites.

Michael A. Torregrossa
Co-Founder, The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
Founder, The Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Matter of Britain

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