Sunday, June 7, 2015

SMART for Spring 2015

The latest number (22.1) of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching is now available. It can be ordered online at

The Spring 2015 issue of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching features an exciting collection of articles on innovative approaches to teaching Chaucer—who, for some, is easily seductive, for others, not so captivating. Although there are a number of excellent resources available to instructors, few of them offer much in the way of specific assignments or activities. The seven essays offered in this collection are presented to assist both the expert and the beginning teacher with a variety of novel pedagogical methods for helping students appreciate Chaucer and for helping educators reinvigorate their teaching methods.

This issue also includes three equally appealing diverse papers:  covering the daily life of pre-modern people in history courses, teaching with Twitter, and moving between vernacular verse and Latin prose in a seminar on Troilus and Criseyde. Six book reviews round out the volume.

(collection guest edited by Alison Langdon and David Sprunger)
ALISON LANGDON AND DAVID SPRUNGER Introduction: Innovative Approaches To Teaching Chaucer

GLENN STEINBERG Teaching Chaucer through Chaucer’s Bookshelf

CANDACE BARRINGTON Teaching Chaucer in Middle English: A Fundamental Approach

MICHAEL MURPHY Chaucer: The Text and the Teaching Text

ROBERTA MILLIKEN Using Rap Music to Teach an Appreciation of Chaucer’s Language in the British Literature Survey Class

SARAH POWRIE Lost and Found in Translation: Updating Chaucer’s Status with the Millennial Generation

REBECCA BRACKMANN To Caunterbury They Tweete: Twitter in the Chaucer Classroom

MELISSA RIDLEY ELMES Prdn Me? Text Speak, Middle English, and Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale

CHRIS CRAUN Covering the Daily Life of Pre-Modern People in History Courses

MARY C. FLANNERY Teaching with Twitter: A Medievalist’s Case Study

ARVIND THOMAS Moving between Vernacular Verse and Latin Prose in an Undergraduate Seminar on Troilus and Criseyde

STEPHEN F. EVANS Book Review: At Home in Shakespeare’s Tragedies, by Geraldo U. de Sousa

MEL STORM Book Review: The Grail, the Quest and the World of Arthur, edited by Norris J. Lacy

BARBARA HANAWALT Book Review:  Lost Londons: Change, Crime and Control in the Capital City, 1550–1660, by Paul Griffiths

DONALD WINEKE Book Review:  The Shakespeare Handbooks: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Martin White

STEPHANIE HORTON Book Review:  Greenery: Ecocritical Readings of Late Medieval English Literature, by Gillian Rudd

AMY MORRIS Book Review:  Women in Dark Age and Early Medieval Europe c. 500–1200, by Helen M. Jewell

Both spring and fall 2015 issues of SMART are included in the yearly subscription price of $25 for individuals, $30 for libraries and centers, and $30 for subscriptions outside of the United States. Prepayment is required. A subscription form can be printed by clicking on Subscription Information in the left side bar area.

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