Saturday, February 20, 2016

SMART Fall 2015

The latest number of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching arrived recently in the mail. The focus of Vol. 22, No. 2 is on teaching Old English. Full contents from SMART's website ( follow:

Fall 2015 (Volume 22, Issue 2)
OLD ENGLISH ACROSS THE CURRICULUM—CONTEXTS AND PEDAGOGIES (featured collection guest edited by Haruko Momma and Heide Estes)


HARUKO MOMMA and HEIDE ESTES  Old English across the Curriculum—Contexts and Pedagogies
Part 1:  Historical Old English

FRED C. ROBINSON  Why Study Old English?
CARLA MARÍA THOMAS  Blurring the Lines: Early Middle English in the Old English Classroom
HEIDE ESTES  Teaching Old English in History of the English Language
Part 2:  Old English through Different Media

PETER S. BAKER  On Writing Old English
ERIC WEISKOTT  A Plea for Pronunciation
MARTIN CHASE  Teaching Old English Codicology and Palaeography from the Beginning
Part 3:  Interactive Old English

ERICA WEAVER  Attending to Poems: Learning from Latin Pedagogy
BOB HASENFRATZ  Paradigm Bashing Challenges to Teaching and Learning Old English in the Twenty-First Century
NIENKE C. VENDERBOSCH  The Language Bank as a Tool for Active Learning
MARTIN FOYS  Hwæt sprycst þu?: Performing Ælfric’s Colloquy
Part 4:  Old English in/and Translation

STACY S. KLEIN  Anglo-Saxon Pedagogy and the “Circle of Shame”
MICHAEL MATTO  Remainders: Reading an Old English Poem through Multiple Translations
MO PARELES  Teaching Graduate Students to Teach Old English


PETER S. BAKER  Hærrig Wand Bygeþ [Harry Buys a Wand]
BOB HASENFRATZ  A Frequency List of Old English Vocabulary in a “Canonical” Corpus
JAY PAUL GATES  Reading Pronouns: An Entry to Medieval Textual Culture

TOM SHIPPEY  Book Reviews: Viking Language 1: Learn Old Norse, Runes and Icelandic Sagas, by Jesse L. Byock; and Viking Language 2: The Reader, by L. Jesse Byock

STEPHEN F. EVANS  Book Review: Queer Renaissance Historiography: Backward Gaze, edited by Vin Nardizzi, Stephen Guy-Bray, and Will Stockton

WILLIAM F. HODAPP  Book Review: The Cambridge Companion to Boethius, edited by John Marenbon

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