Friday, August 30, 2019

Bloomsbury's New Directions in Medieval Studies

New series now accepting book proposals:

New Directions in Medieval Studies
Series Editor(s): Andrew B.R. Elliott, Helen Young

Particular concerns involve cataloguing the rich variety of experience of medieval people and exploring cultural transfer across different periods, places and groups. These are expressed in the many scholarly themes highlighted below and, taken together, seek to contribute to the future directions and debates of medieval studies.


  • Medieval lives including marginal voices, variation and dissimilitude
  • Cultural exchange and interconnectedness across medieval Europe
  • The reception and re-use of the Middle Ages in later periods
  • Re-evaluating medieval history from a global perspective

We particularly welcome proposals from scholars working in the following areas:

  • religious and ethnic minorities
  • gender and queer history
  • emotional communities
  • postcolonial perspectives
  • travel, trade and migration
  • work that extends reception of the Middle Ages beyond the predominantly British perspectives of published work to date
  • digital and new media receptions
  • work responding to the idea of an 'ethical turn'

I.B.Tauris New Directions in Medieval Studies seeks to build on I.B.Tauris's independent, globally-oriented emphasis by encouraging scholars to use the series as a springboard for presenting their research in innovative ways. We welcome content presented in such a way as to appeal to both general and academic readerships, opening up paperback potential and extending the reach and longevity of your work.

Titles in the series are peer-reviewed and initially published in hardback with bespoke full-colour cover, and with simultaneous publication as a competitively priced e-book. Your book will benefit from I.B.Tauris's global marketing and will be represented at academic conferences around the world.

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