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Walt Disney Television Animation's fan-favorite series Gargoyles, a syndicated animated series created by Greg Weisman and starring a band of Gargoyles originally from tenth-century Scotland (and currently available, in part, on DVD), has recently returned in comics form in a series of 12 issues and a 6-issue spin-off comic, Gargoyles: Bad Guys, published by Slave Labor Graphics. Details on both series, and their cancellation, can be found on the series' Wikipedia page.

Essentially, both series present aspects of the unproduced third season of the television series. Arthurian characters are especially prominent in the second arc of the Gargoyles series.

Both comics series have been collected in manga-sized collections and include material that was unpublished due to each series' cancellation. They can be purchased on and direct from Slave Labor Graphics.

I append the details of each collection from the publishers web site:

Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume 1
Item Id: gargc1
The hit comic book series gets collected in trade paperback form just in time for the holidays. Gathering together the stories from issues #1-6, Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume One promises to be one of the best selling trade paperback SLG puts out this year. The series is still seen on the various Disney channels and the fan base remains as passionate about this book as it was during its initial run in syndication. Written by Greg Weisman, who created and produced the animated series and who is now producing the SPIDER-MAN The Animated Series for Sony, the stories presented in the comic book series represent the first additoins to the Gargoyles canon since the series ended almost 10 years ago. Presented in full color, this is going to be a must buy for all Gargoyles fans.
Creators Greg Weisman, Dave Hedgecock, Will Terrell, Greg Guler, Dustin Evans, Nir Paniry, Karine Charlebois,
ISBN # 9781593620967
UPC Code 9781593620967

Gargoyles: Clan Building Volume Two
Item Id: gargc2
Gargoyles Volume Two features the published issues seven and eight, plus the never-before-seen issues nine through twelve. Written by series creator Greg Weisman and with art by David Hedgecock, Greg Guler, David Hutchison, Benn Dunn and colors by Robby Bevard, Gargoyles: Clan-Building Volume Two concludes the Clan-Building storyline as the history of the Stone of Destiny unfolds and Brooklyn travels to the past to secure his clan‘s future. 160 page, full color digest size graphic novel
Creators Written by Greg Weisman, illustrated by various
ISBN # 978-1-59362-167-4
Diamond Comics Order Code MAY090629
UPC Code 9781593621674

Gargoyles: Bad Guys Volume One
Item Id: bgc1
Five of the toughest villains in the Gargoyles Universe: Hunter – member of a Scottish family of gargoyle-slayers; Dingo – Australian mercenary and charter member of the deadly Pack; Matrix – a nanotech hive-mind artificial intelligence that came very close to destroying the Earth; Yama – a Japanese gargoyle who betrayed his own clan, and Fang – the mutate who would be king. Take this quintet of felons and force them to work on the side of the angels. It may be hard to believe, but these Bad Guys are the best hope we’ve got! Gargoyles series creator Greg Weisman is the writer, with art by fan favorite Karine Charlebois and tones by fan favorite Stephanie Lostimolo. Bad Guys: Time to fight fire with fire.
Creators Greg Weisman, Karubw Charlebois, Stephanie Lostimilo,
ISBN # 9781593621933
Diamond Comics Order Code 9781593621933

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