Thursday, October 22, 2009

MCP: Hagar the Horrible Reprints

Titan Books has recently published a collection of early Hagar: The Horrible strips. Their web site offers the following details on the new book:

Hagar the Horrible The Dailies 1973-74
Dik Browne
Graphic Novel · Hardback
8.5in x 6in · 224pp · 9781848562332 ·
October 2009

In a world filled with dragons, wizards, sea monsters, Norse gods and titanic battles strides the world’s mildest marauder - HAGAR THE HORRIBLE!

Following the noble traditions of Beowulf and umm... , that movie The Vikings starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis, comes the epic saga of the best-known and most-loved Viking in the history of the world, the loveable, Hagar the Horrible - and his unending quest to put mead, swag and meat on the family table.

Collecting together the first two years' worth of strips that helped to forge the legend of Hagar the Horrible and make him one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters of all times.

Volume 1 in the series

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