Sunday, November 22, 2009

MCP: Spiderman Battles the Myth Monster!

Comics publishers often produce promotional comics, but it is a rare one that deals with medieval subjects. Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster! (1991) introduces the villainous Myth Monster who battles both King Arthur and Merlin and, later, Spider-Man. Copies (3rd printing) can be ordered online from the Epilepsy Foundation: 1 copy for $2.95 (inclusding shipping) or 50 copies for $8.50 (including shipping).

Here are the details:

Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster! (1991) is a Marvel promotional comic produced in cooperation with the National Association of School Nurses. This comic is part of the Epilepsy Foundation of America Project "Count Me In!" Written by Danny Fingeroth with art by Jose Delbo and inks by Harry Candelario. Full color, standard comic dimensions, 20 pages including cover, slick cover with newsprint interior, no cover price. (

Spider-Man helps bring truth and justice to the lives of three children with hidden health conditions: epilepsy, asthma and diabetes. This comic book is an excellent resource for anyone working with children. It encourages acceptance and understanding among all children. This book is for children ages 8-11. Shipping and handling included in price. (Epilepsy Foundation)

A detailed plot synopsis can be found at The Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

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