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Medievalism at NeMLA 2011

The NeMLA 2011 Convention was held last month at the Hyatt New Brunswick in New Brunswick, New Jersey, from April 7-10, 2011, and included a number of sessions and panels of interest. The complete program (divided by days) can be accessed at:


4.03 Salon D
Representations of Dante’s Inferno in the Visual Arts and in Literature
Chair: Giovanni Spani, College of the Holy Cross
“Raccontare l’indicibile: echi della Commedia nelle architetture commemorative della Shoah”
Alessandro Ravera, Università di Genova
“Il Danteum di Terragni”
Gianluca Porcile, Università di Genova
“Temporal Conflation & Artistic Representations of Reading and Death in the 19th Century Imaginary”
Alani Hicks-Bartlett, Berkeley University

6.14 Room 248
New Approaches to Early Modern Historical Drama II: Religion & The History Play
Chair: Maura Brady, Le Moyne College
“You Can’t Burn the Koran Onstage: Marlowe’s Tamburlaine Meets the 21st Century”
Emma Perry, Boston College
“The Jewes Tragedy and the Reception of Jewish History in Restoration England”
Vanita Neelakanta, Rider University
“The Weird Sisters’ Nature, from Holinshed’s History to Macbeth’s Mystery”
James Macdonald, Yale University

7.18 Brunswick D
Representations of Disability in Literature and Culture
Chair: Sara Hosey, SUNY Nassau Community College
PAPER 4 OF 4: “Kinship: House M.D. as a Descendant of Richard III?”
Gina M. Altavilla, California State University-San Marcos

8.02 Salon A
Arthurian Avatars: The King Arthur Myth from Medieval to Modern Times
Chair: Joshua Cohen, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
“The Doomed Idealism of Arthurian Legend”
Katherine Foret, Stony Brook University
“The Arthurian Myth as Equalizing Strategy in Postumo Envirginiado”
Nahir Otano, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
“Merlin’s Prophecies Realized: King James I as Avatar of King Arthur”
Margaret Downs-Gamble, United States Military Academy
“‘Out of Measure’: A Study of the Tradition and Evolution of Guinevere”
Evelyn Brown, Miami University

9.11 Conference JK
Renaissance Trauma
Chair: Paul Rosa, SUNY Nassau Community College
PAPER 2 OF 3: "The Critical Mourning of Prince Hamlet and John Donne”
Katherine Hallemeier, Queen’s University


11.15 Brunswick A
Chair: Daniel Lukes, New York University
“Vilem Flusser: Neo-Medievalism and the Techno-Image”
Christopher Vitale, Pratt Institute
“The Real & Ideal: 19th-Century Neo-Medievalism & Victorian Steampunk”
Tina Kelleher, Towson University
“Wandering Histories: Mrs. Dalloway and Romance”
Hannah Sikorski, Brown University
“The Meaning of Martyrdom in T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral”
Krystyna Michael, City University of New York

13.16 Brunswick B
The Art of Villainy: Machiavelli and the Creation of the Fictional Villain
Chair: John Cameron, Dalhousie University
“Macbeth as Dramatization of an Anti-Machiavellian Polity and Sensibility”
Robert Carballo, Millersville University
“Iago and Anton Chigurh as Machiavellian Villains”
Jim Cody, Brookdale Community College-CUNY
“On the road to villainy or The Villainous Journey”
Zac Brown, East Carolina University
“Machiavel or Machiavelli? Niccolo Machiavelli on the Early Modern Stage”
John Cameron, Dalhousie University

14.10 Salon C
Shakespearean Adaptations and Appropriations (Roundtable)
Chair: Pamela Monaco, Brandman University
“Using the Graphic Novel Version of Hamlet in the English Composition Classroom”
Sharon Brubaker, Drexel University
“Bieber and the Bard: Representations of Shakespeare in Tween Culture”
Louise Geddes, Dominican College
“The Shakespeare Industry in Slings and Arrows”
Beth Seltzer, Temple University
“Playing at Hamlet: The Presniakov Brothers’ Izobrazhaia Zhertvu”
Shari Perkins, City University of New York
“William Shakspeare: Proud American”
Emily Gruber, Boston University
“Technology and Textuality in Contemporary Representations of Hamlet”
Richard Schumaker, University of Maryland-University College

15.04 Conference C
(Re)Teaching the Spanish Classics: Integrating Technology, the Web, and Film (Roundtable)
Chair: Mirta Barrea-Marlys, Monmouth University
PAPER 3 OF 3: “Don Quixote: The Book, The Myth, and The Image in the 21st Century Classroom”
Ryan Prendergast, University of Rochester

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