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Saturday and Sunday Sessions at Kalamazoo 2011

Reminder: The complete program can be accessed at: Sessions sponsored by the Society are in red.


10:00 AM

Session 348 (Valley II, 207)
Makers of the Middle Ages: Papers in Honor of William Calin
Sponsor: Studies in Medievalism and medievally speaking
Organizer: Richard Utz, Western Michigan Univ.
Presider: Clare A. Simmons, Ohio State Univ.
Christine de Pizan as Maker of the Middle Ages
Barbara K. Altmann, Univ. of Oregon
That Grand Period: The Middle Ages of Charles Eliot Norton
Kathleen Verduin, Hope College
B. S. Ingemann and the Danish Middle Ages
Nils Holger Petersen, Københavns Univ.
Calin, the Maker
F. Regina Psaki, Univ. of Oregon

Session 351 (Valley I, 100)
Tolkien and the Medieval Mediterranean
Sponsor: Dept. of Comparative Literature, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Organizer: Christopher Livanos, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Presider: Scott A. Mellor, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Gondor’s Debt to Byzantium
Christopher Livanos
Crossing the Borders: Unconscious in Dante’s Inferno, Tolkien’s The Hobbit,
and Wood and Burchielli’s DMZ
Faith Portier, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
The Presence of the Middle East in The Lord of the Rings
Marryam Abdl-Haleem, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison

Session 359 (Fetzer 1005)
Flaming Bodies in Ken Russell’s The Devils
Sponsor: Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (SMFS)
Organizer: Lynn Arner, Brock Univ.
Presider: Lynn Arner
Inquisitive Politics, Deviant Bodies: The Trope of Mary Magdalene in Ken
Russell’s The Devils
Nhora Lucía Serrano, California State Univ.–Long Beach
Queering the Medieval Witch: Asmodiai, Grandier, and Ken Russell’s The
Susannah Mary Chewning, Union County College

Session 363 (Fetzer 1060)
Manuscripts and Editions in the Twenty-First Century
Sponsor: Center for Medieval Studies, Univ. of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Organizer: Diane Warne Anderson, Univ. of St. Thomas, St. Paul/Univ. of
Minnesota–Twin Cities
Presider: Diane Warne Anderson
Renovating the Classics: Ninth-Century Corbie and the Modern Classical Text
Bart Huelsenbeck, Cornell Univ.
The Electronic Book of the Head: Creating a Digital Edition of Osler Library
MS 7586
Anna Dysert, McGill Univ.
The Battle of Brunanburh between History and Literature
Keri Wolf, Univ. of California–Davis

Session 364 (Fetzer 2016)
Translating the Medieval
Sponsor: History of Books and Texts Special Interest Group, The English
Organizer: Elaine M. Treharne, Florida State Univ.
Presider: Catherine E. Karkov, Univ. of Leeds
Imaging and Imagining Magna Carta
Andrew Prescott, Univ. of Glasgow
Translating Color: The Middle Ages in Black and White
Siân Echard, Univ. of British Columbia
William Morris, Translation and Illumination
Paul Acker, St. Louis Univ.

Session 370 (Schneider 1135)
Primary Sources at Your Fingertips: Exploring Medieval Austria, Germany, and
Switzerland through Online Digital Resources
Sponsor: Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML) and the Society for
Medieval Germanic Studies (SMGS)
Organizer: Matthew Z. Heintzelman, Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
Presider: Glenn Ehrstine, Univ. of Iowa
Medieval Daily Life and Digital Resource Networks
Ingrid Matschinegg, Institut für Realienkunde des Mittelalters und der frühen
Neuzeit, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften
New Ways to Research and Teaching: Using MHDBDB (The Middle High
German Conceptual Database) as a Tool
Horst P. Pütz, Christian-Albrechts-Univ. zu Kiel, and Klaus M. Schmidt, Univ.
The Digitization and Cataloging of Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts in
German at the Beinecke Library, Yale University
Kristina Stöbener, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
The Magnum legendarium Austriacum: A Digital Edition on the Web
Martin Haltrich, Kommission für Schrift- und Buchwesen des Mittelalters
Zentrum Mittelalterforschung, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften

Session 376 (Schneider 1225)
Teaching Medieval Narrative and Performance
Sponsor: TEAMS (The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages)
Organizer: Anita Obermeier, Univ. of New Mexico
Presider: Laura Wangerin, Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison
Representing the Middle Ages in the Today’s Classroom: Teaching History,
Literature, and Analysis through Performance
Jennifer Lynn Jordan, Stony Brook Univ.
“Performing Medieval Narrative Today” Website: Updates and Future
Marilyn Lawrence, New York Univ.
Tiny but Filling Slices: Fitting Medieval Texts into an Overstuffed Literary
Paul Creamer, East Stroudsburg Univ.
Performing Female Authority in the Digby Mary Magdalene
Kristi J. Castleberry, Univ. of Rochester
Respondent: Evelyn Birge Vitz, New York Univ.

Session 380 (Schneider 1265)
Medievalist Fantasies of Christendom: The Use of the Medieval as Christian
Apologetic in the Literature of the Inklings and Their Contemporaries
Organizer: Cory Lowell Grewell, Thiel College
Presider: Cory Lowell Grewell
The Battle for Middle Earth: Medieval Fantasy of Christendom by a Modern
Morgan Mayreis-Voorhis, Independent Scholar
Double Affirmation: Medieval Chronology, Geography, and Devotion in the
Arthuriad of Charles Williams
Sorina Higgins, Lehigh Carbon Community College
The Polemical Other: Narnian Values and the Complicated Case of Calormen
Emanuelle Burton, Univ. of Chicago
Overcoming the Seven Deadly Sins: Active Spiritual Warriors in The Voyage of
the Dawn Treader
Emily E. Redman, Purdue Univ.

Session 381 (Schneider 1280)
Traveling In and Out of the World of Arthur
Sponsor: International Arthurian Society, North American Branch (IAS/NAB)
Organizer: Melissa Ridley-Elmes, Carlbrook School
Presider: Melissa Ridley-Elmes
To the Antipodes and Beyond: Marvelous Voyages in Recent French Arthurian
Anne N. Bornschein, Univ. of Pennsylvania
Journeying through the Celtic Otherworld to Haudesert and the Green Chapel:
Gawain’s Voyage of Transformation
Orly Mor, Independent Scholar
Translators and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Tour Guides or Traitors?
Andrew Eichel, Univ. of Tennessee–Knoxville
Out from Behind the Round Table: The Sociopolitical Implications of Arthur’s
Travels in The Faerie Queene
Russell L. Keck, Purdue Univ.

Session 383 (Schneider 1325)
Luther in Medieval Context
Organizer: K. Christian McGuire, Augsburg College
Presider: K. Christian McGuire
Singing the Gospel: Vernacular Hymns and Luther’s Doctrine of the Priesthood
of All Believers
Jan Volek, Western Michigan Univ.
How “neues” was the “Lied wir heben an”? Retention, Revision, and Expansion
of Medieval German Spiritual Song in the Early Reformation
Patrice C. Ross, Columbus State Community College
A Musical Response to Luther’s Liturgical Directives by the Court of Ulrich VI
of Wurttemberg
Kathy English, Independent Scholar

Session 393 (Bernhard 157)
Glossing the Past in the Present (A Roundtable)
Organizer: Teresa P. Reed, Jacksonville State Univ.
Presider: Dana M. Oswald, Univ. of Wisconsin–Parkside
A roundtable discussion with Kimberly Bell, Sam Houston State Univ.; Justin Brent,
Presbyterian College; Betsy McCormick, Mount San Antonio College; Christine M.
Neufeld, Eastern Michigan Univ.; and Teresa P. Reed.

Session 396 (Bernhard 208)
Can These Bones Come to Life? Insights from Re-construction, Re-enactment, and
Sponsor: Higgins Armory Museum
Organizer: Kenneth C. Mondschein, Higgins Armory Museum/American
International College
Presider: Kenneth C. Mondschein
Blood on the Boards: Gladiatorial Fighting as Theater on the London Stage
Michael A. Cramer, Baruch College and Graduate Center, CUNY
A Few Leaves Short of a Quire: Is MS I.33 Incomplete?
James F. Hester, Royal Armouries Museum
Insights into Medieval Equitation and Combat Technique from Practical
Theresa Wendland, International Mounted Combat Alliance/Chicago Swordplay
Insights into Medieval Music from Instrument Reconstruction
Josephine Yannacopoulou, Edinburgh Napier Univ.

12:00 PM

Valley II, Garneau Lounge
Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
Business Meeting and Reception

Bernhard 209
Tolkien at Kalamazoo
Business Meeting

1:30 PM

Session 437 (Schneider 1280)
Nineteenth-Century Medievalisms
Sponsor: Studies in Medievalism and medievally speaking
Organizer: Richard Utz, Western Michigan Univ.
Presider: Kathleen Verduin, Hope College
A Tale of Two Medievalisms: Muscular Christianity and the Tour de France
Christine M. Havens, Hawkeye Community College
Recovering a Not so Imaginary Past: Medievalism in Scott’s Harold the
Renée Ward, Wilfred Laurier Univ.
Ancient Mysteries: A Regency Printer Uncovers the Medieval
Clare A. Simmons, Ohio State Univ.
Transatlantic Medievalisms: Julian of Norwich’s XVI Revelations in the East
End and Harvard in the “Hungry ‘40s”
Vickie Larsen, Univ. of Michigan–Flint

Session 442 (Schneider 1340)
How Green Is My Apple? Online Sources, E-Readers, and the Medieval Studies
Classroom (A Workshop)
Sponsor: CARA (Committee on Centers and Regional Associations, Medieval
Academy of America)
Organizer: Thomas Goodmann, Univ. of Miami
Presider: Thomas Goodmann
Pouring Old Wine into New Wineskins: A Practicum on Teaching Medieval
Studies Courses Online
Karen Bollermann, Arizona State Univ.
Going Medieval in the Digital Age
Robin Wharton, Georgia Institute of Technology

Session 443 (Schneider 1345)
Other Knights at King Arthur’s Court
Sponsor: International Arthurian Society, North American Branch (IAS/NAB)
Organizer: Susann T. Samples, Mount St. Mary’s Univ.
Presider: Susann T. Samples
PAPER 2 OF 4: Repeated Yankees at King Arthur’s Court
Janine P. Traxler, Manchester College

Session 450 (Bernhard 157)
Postmedieval Children’s Chaucer: Adaptations of the Canterbury Tales for Young
Audiences, Text and Image
Organizer: S. Elizabeth Passmore, Univ. of Southern Indiana
Presider: S. Elizabeth Passmore
Adapting the Nun’s Priest’s Tale for Children: Going, Going, Gone?
Susan Yager, Iowa State Univ.
Not Just Kids’ Stuff: Children’s Books and Chaucer’s Accessibility
Natasha Luepke, Univ. of Phoenix/Kaplan Univ.
Chaucer the Cat? Animals Teaching Children in Patricia Borlenghi’s
Adaptation of the Canterbury Tales
Karla Knutson, Concordia College

Session 451 (Bernhard 159)
Teaching about Medieval Disabilities: Texts and Pedagogy (A Roundtable
Sponsor: Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages
Organizer: Joshua R. Eyler, Columbus State Univ.
Presider: Wendy J. Turner, Augusta State Univ.
The Problem of Definition: Strategies for Teaching Medieval Disability Studies
Tory Vandeventer Pearman, Miami Univ. of Ohio
Teaching about Disability in Medieval Survey Courses
Joshua R. Eyler
“. . . hung all over with crutches”: Teaching the Disabled Figure in Anglo-Saxon
John P. Sexton, Bridgewater State Univ.
Your, My, or Our History? Teaching Medieval Disability History to Students
with Disabilities
Alison Purnell, Univ. of York, and Gregory Carrier, Independent Scholar

Session 455 (Bernhard 211)
Early Medieval Europe I
Sponsor: Early Medieval Europe
Organizer: Paul Edward Dutton, Simon Fraser Univ.
Presider: Allen J. Frantzen, Loyola Univ. Chicago
PAPER 1 OF 3: An Introduction to Christianity for Today’s Novices in Medieval History: An
Walter Goffart, Yale Univ.

3:30 PM

Session 462 (Valley II, 205)
The Abbey of Saint-Victor II: Richard of Saint-Victor on the Trinity and on Love
Organizer: Grover A. Zinn, Oberlin College
Presider: Franklin T. Harkins, Fordham Univ.
PAPER 2 OF 2: Medieval Love in a Modern World: Richard of Saint-Victor and Ezra Pound
LeeAnn Derdeyn, Univ. of Texas–Dallas

Session 478 (Fetzer 2040)
Twenty-First Century Medievalism: Re-envisioning the Medieval in the
Contemporary World (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
Organizer: Michael A. Torregrossa, Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture
and the Middle Ages
Presider: Carl James Grindley, Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College
Siegfried the Volk-Song: Examining the Interpretations of Siegfried the Dragon-
Slayer and the Making of a National History
Peter H. Johnsson, San Francisco State Univ.
Analysis of Arthurian Film Reviews
Laurie Rizzo, Univ. of Delaware
Beowulf in the Twenty-First Century
Suanna H. Davis, Houston Community College: Central
I Want to Believe: Finding the Medieval in The X-Files
Rebecca Johnson, Princeton Univ.

Session 481 (Schneider 1135)
Science, Law, and History: Medieval German Didactic Literature
Sponsor: Society for Medieval Germanic Studies (SMGS)
Organizer: Evelyn Meyer, St. Louis Univ., and Alexander Sager, Univ. of Georgia
Presider: Alexander Sager
PAPER 3 OF 3: Medievalism and Reformation: Matthias Flacius Illyricus as Medievalist
Alana King, Princeton Univ.

Session 483 (Schneider 1145)
Romanian Medievalia: Historic Recuperations
Sponsor: Romanian Institute of Orthodox Theology and Spirituality of New York
Organizer: Theodor Damian, Metropolitan College of New York
Presider: Nicholas T. Groves, New Gracanica Monastery
The Poetry of Gregory of Nazianzus: Self Assessment and Moral Formation
Theodor Damian
Medieval Poetry in Romania
Valentia Ciaprazi, La Guardia Community College of New York
Dacian History as Reflected in the European and Romanian Medieval Heritage
Napoleon Savescu, Dacia Revival International Society

Session 493 (Schneider 1280)
Teaching Medievalisms (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Studies in Medievalism and medievally speaking
Organizer: Richard Utz, Western Michigan Univ.
Presider: Richard Utz
A roundtable discussion with Albert Alhadeff, Univ. of Colorado–Boulder; Benjamin
S. W. Barootes, McGill Univ.; Lesley A. Coote, Univ. of Hull; Ilan Mitchell-Smith,
California State Univ.–Long Beach; Megan Morris, Univ. of Rochester; E. Kay
Harris, Univ. of Southern Mississippi; and Lewis Pyenson, Western Michigan Univ.

Session 496 (Schneider 1330)
The Making of History in Medieval Europe and China: Who Lived It, Who Wrote
It, and Who Read It
Organizer: Sherry J. Mou, DePauw Univ.
Presider: Curtis Dean Smith, Grand Valley State Univ.
PAPER 3 OF 3: Nuns and History: The Abbesses of Notre-Dame in Soissons in the Seventeenth
Edward A. Boyden, Nassau Community College

Session 499 (Schneider 1345)
Letters and Legacies: Correspondence in the World of Arthur
Sponsor: International Arthurian Society, North American Branch (IAS/NAB)
Organizer: Jennifer Boulanger, Southern Methodist Univ.
Presider: Jennifer Boulanger
“To Be of Goode Comforte”: Feminine Fellowship and Communication in
Malory’s Morte Darthur
Michelle Kustarz, Wayne State Univ.
Bad Tidings: Messages and Media in Malory’s Morte Darthur
Elizabeth S. Sklar, Wayne State Univ.
Malory’s Hollywood/Broadway Legacy: Joshua Logan’s Film of Camelot
Martin B. Shichtman, Eastern Michigan Univ.
Tristan’s Victorian Legacies: Tennyson and Swinburne
Thomas J. Hoberg, Northeastern Illinois Univ.

Session 504 (Schneider 2345)
More Than a Medievalist: Teaching the General While Writing the Specific (A
Organizer: Julie A. Hofmann, Shenandoah Univ.
Presider: Kate McGrath, Central Connecticut State Univ.
A roundtable discussion with Robert Babcock, Hastings College; Evan A. Gatti, Elon
Univ.; Paul Hardwick, Trinity Univ. College, Univ. of Leeds; and Julie A. Hofmann.

Session 506 (Bernhard 157)
Partnering the Middle Ages: Interdisciplinary Contributions to the Teaching of the
Middle Ages (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Medieval Association of the Midwest (MAM)
Organizer: Mickey Sweeney, Dominican Univ.
Presider: Louise Hampson, Univ. of York
A roundtable discussion with David M. Perry, Dominican Univ.; Mickey Sweeney;
Samantha Rayner, Anglia Ruskin Univ.; Andrea R. Harbin, SUNY–Cortland; Aubri
McVey Leung, Indiana Univ.–Bloomington; Toni J. Morris, Univ. of Indianapolis;
and Samantha Meigs, Univ. of Indianapolis.

Session 510 (Bernhard 210)
In Honor of Joan Ferrante II (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: Medieval Foremothers Society
Organizer: Helene Scheck, Univ. at Albany, and Elizabeth Robertson, Univ. of
Presider: Helene Scheck
To the Glory of Her Absent Sex: Women and the Issue of the Anonymous Text
Liz Herbert McAvoy, Swansea Univ.
Violence and the Glory of Sex: Rethinking Joan Ferrante and Marie de
France’s Lais
Wendy Marie Hoofnagle, Univ. of Northern Iowa
Teaching Women Writing and Written in Medieval Literature
Celia M. Lewis, Louisiana Tech Univ.
Joan Ferrante and the Online Epistolae Collection
Elizabeth A. Hubble, Univ. of Montana
“Women’s” Letters: The Feminine Voice of Ovid’s Heroides
Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Univ. of Toronto


8:30 AM

Session 517 (Valley II, 205)
C. S. Lewis: Rediscovering the Discarded Image I
Sponsor: C. S. Lewis Society, Purdue Univ.
Organizer: Crystal Kirgiss, Purdue Univ.
Presider: Erin Kissick, Purdue Univ.
Refurbishing a Discarded Image: C. S. Lewis’s Use of Spenser’s Faerie Queene
in That Hideous Strength
Paul R. Rovang, Edinboro Univ. of Pennsylvania
C. S. Lewis and the Narnian Cosmos: Re-envisioning the Discarded Image
Heather Herrick Jennings, Univ. of California–Davis
“The Discarded Image?” C. S. Lewis and Owen Barfield on the Medieval Model
Edwin Woodruff Tait, Huntington Univ.

Session 521 (Valley I, 109)
Skepticism in Early English Drama
Organizer: Joe Ricke, Taylor Univ.
Presider: David Bevington, Univ. of Chicago
PAPER 3 OF 3: “Portrait of the Atheist as a Smart Man”: Shakespeare’s Richard of Gloucester
Joe Ricke

Session 522 (Valley I, Shilling Lounge)
Reading Old and Middle French Aloud (A Workshop)
Organizer: Nathaniel E. Dubin, St. John’s Univ.
Presider: Ellen Lorraine Friedrich, Valdosta State Univ.
A workshop with Nathaniel E. Dubin; William W. Kibler, Univ. of Texas–Austin; and
Daniel E. O’Sullivan, Univ. of Mississippi.

Session 526 (Fetzer 1060)
National Borders and Medieval Spaces
Sponsor: Oregon Medieval English Literature Society (OMELS)
Organizer: Danna Voth, Univ. of Oregon, and Stephen Patrick McCormick, Univ. of
Presider: Erik Wade, Univ. of Oregon
PAPER 1 OF 3: Chaucer in Early America: Politics, the Medieval Past, and Crafting an
American Nation
Nancy Bradley Warren, Florida State Univ.

Session 528 (Fetzer 2020)
The Central Issue: What Does the Public Actually Think about the Middle Ages?
Sponsor: Public Understanding of the Middle Ages Society
Organizer: Paul B. Sturtevant, Univ. of Leeds
Presider: Paul B. Sturtevant
The Perceptions of Medieval Heritage among Modern Master Falconers
Leslie Jacoby, San Jose State Univ.
“Viking” North America: The North American Public’s Understanding of Its
Norse Heritage
Megan Arnott, Univ. of Western Ontario
The Quest of Veritas: Liberating History from Popular Myth
Eric Slyter, Knights of Veritas

Session 535 (Schneider 1340)
Resources for Machaut Research and Study (A Roundtable)
Sponsor: International Machaut Society
Organizer: Jennifer Bain, Dalhousie Univ.
Presider: Jared C. Hartt, Oberlin Conservatory of Music
The Works of Guillaume de Machaut: A New Complete Edition
Yolanda Plumley, Univ. of Exeter; R. Barton Palmer, Clemson Univ.; and Anne
Stone, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY
Digital Environments for Machaut Studies
Benjamin Albritton, Stanford Univ.
Machaut’s Material Legacy in the Digital World
Deborah McGrady, Univ. of Virginia

Session 537 (Schneider 1350)
Medieval Quest Narratives
Organizer: Robert Stretter, Providence College
Presider: Robert J. Meyer-Lee, Indiana Univ.–South Bend
The Green Mask of God: Joseph Campbell’s Quest Archetype and Sir Gawain
and the Green Knight
Robert Stretter
Anyone’s Romance Quest: The Appeal of Medieval Romance
Paul D. Gaffney, Hiram College
Incarceration, Errantry, and the Quest in Malory’s Morte Darthur
Holly Moyer, Univ. of California–Los Angeles
“Whom does it serve?”: The Grail Quest in Boorman’s Excalibur and Movie
Christian Sheridan, Bridgewater College

Session 539 (Bernhard 105)
Mythical Creatures of the Middle Ages in Modern (European) Culture
Sponsor: Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Mittelalter-Studien (IZMS), Univ. Salzburg
Organizer: Ursula Bieber, Univ. Salzburg
Presider: Ursula Bieber
Medieval Mythmakers: The Representation of the Gigantic on Modern Fiction
and Film
Tina Boyer, Wake Forest Univ.
“Losen er began”: An Examination of the Water Nixie in Nibelungenlied and
Thüring von Ringoltingen’s Melusine as Enduring in the Popular Imaginary
Deva Kemmis Hicks, Georgetown Univ.
Knights and Beasts in Adolf Muschg’s Der Rote Ritter
Günther Rohr, Univ. Koblenz-Landau/Ewha Womans Univ.

10:30 AM

Session 548 (Valley II, 205)
C. S. Lewis: Rediscovering the Discarded Image II
Sponsor: C. S. Lewis Society, Purdue Univ.
Organizer: Crystal Kirgiss, Purdue Univ.
Presider: Jason Lotz, Purdue Univ.
“Use Your Specimens While You Can”: Lewis the Medievalist, Lewis the
Jennifer Woodruff Tait, Huntington Univ.
The Intuitive Medievalism of C. S. Lewis
Chris R. Armstrong, Bethel Univ.
Lewis’s Translation of Augustine on the Trinity
Charles Ross, Purdue Univ.

Session 551 (Valley I, Shilling Lounge)
Reading the French of England Aloud: The Prologues Project (A Workshop)
Organizer: Thelma Fenster, Fordham Univ.
Presider: Laurie Postlewate, Barnard College
The Nun of Barking’s Prologue to La Vie d’Edouard le Confesseur
Alice M. Colby-Hall, Cornell Univ.
The Prologue to Saluz et solaz
Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Fordham Univ.
The Prologue to Gaimer’s Estoire des Englois
Paul R. Hyams, Cornell Univ.
The Prologue to Robert Grosseteste’s Chasteau d’amour
Maureen Boulton, Univ. of Notre Dame
Two Prologues by “Chardri”: Les sept dormans and La Vie de Josaphaz
Thelma Fenster

Session 553 (Fetzer 1010)
Six Hundred Years of Hoccleve’s Regiment of Princes, or, Does It Just Seem That
Long? II
Organizer: Elon Lang, Washington Univ. in St. Louis, and David Watt, Univ. of
Presider: David Watt
PAPER 1 OF 3: Victim of Circumstance: The Problem with Regiment of Princes Editions and
What We Can Do About It
Elon Lang

Session 563 (Schneider 1280)
Teaching off the Grid: The Promise and Perils of Using Non-canonical Texts in the
Classroom (A Roundtable Discussion)
Organizer: Gina Brandolino, Univ. of Michigan–Ann Arbor, and Nathanial B. Smith,
Central Michigan Univ.
Presider: Nathanial B. Smith
Stimulus Package: Why The Prick of Conscience Belongs in Medieval Survey Courses
Moira Fitzgibbons, Marist College
Foreign Territory: Teaching the Middle Ages through Travel Narratives
Elizabeth A. Williamsen, Kent State Univ.–Stark
Jacking into the Middle Ages: Unfiltered and Uncut
Myra J. Seaman, College of Charleston
Teaching Innocent’s Legacy: Middle English Texts for Commoners
Gina Brandolino
The Reliques of Ancient English Poetry in the Early English Survey: Canonical
Texts as Non-canonical Texts
Adam H. Kitzes, Univ. of North Dakota

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