Monday, April 23, 2012

New from Studies in Medievalim

Studies in Medievalism recently published Cahier Calin: Makers of the Middle Ages. Essays in Honor of William Calin, edited by Richard Utz and Elizabeth Emery, with the following contents:

Jesse G. Swan: Erasmus, Calin, Reading and Living -2 
Alicia C. Montoya: Madame de Sévigné’s Aristocratic Medievalism -3 
William Paden: Pound’s Troubadours -5 
Roy Rosenstein: Helen Waddell at Columbia: Maker of Medievalists -6 
M. Jane Toswell: Seamus Heaney and Beowulf -9 
Tom Shippey: Rudyard Kipling -10 
Gwendolyn Morgan: J.R.R. Tolkien: Medievalism and Middle Earth -12 
Edward Risden: Shakespeare: Making Medieval Character -13 
Barbara K. Altmann: Christine de Pizan as Maker of the Middle Ages -15 
Nils Holger Petersen: B.S. Ingemann: Danish Medievalism of the Early Nineteenth Century -17 
Veronica West-Harling: Errol le Cain’s Fairy Tales as Manuscript Illustration -18 
Carol Robinson: Edna Edith Sayers (f.k.a. Lois Bragg) -20 
Pam Clements: Margaret Atwood and Chaucer: Truth and Lies -21 
Richard Utz: Bernhard ten Brink and German English Studies in Lotharingia -23 
Gayle Zachmann: Marcel Schwob’s Archeologies and Medievalism -24 
Elizabeth Emery: Albert Robida, Medieval Publicist -26 
Gina Psaki: C.S. Lewis: More Maiorum -29 
Kathleen Verduin: The Medievalism of Charles Eliot Norton -30 
Karl Fugelso: Tom Phillips’ Dante -32 
Caroline Jewers: Six Views of William Morris -33 
List of Contributors -35.

A new edition with some content changes is available for purchase as Makers of the Middle Ages: Essays in Honor of William Calin at

My thanks to Richard Utz's blog medievalism-medievalismo-mediävalismus-médiévalisme for the head's up.

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