Thursday, April 16, 2009

Forthcoming book: Cinematic illuminations : The Middle Ages on film

I meant to post this earlier. The book is due out in December in time for MLA:

Finke, Laurie, and Martin B. Shichtman. Cinematic Illuminations: The Middle Ages on Film. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009.

Theory and methods of cinematic medievalism. Traverse the fantasy: screening the Middle Ages -- Signs of the medieval -- Celluloid history -- The politics of cinematic medievalism. Mirror of princes: representations of political authority in medieval films -- Politics of hagiography: Joan of Arc on the screen -- Hagiography of politics: mourning in America -- The Crusades: war of the cross or God's own bloodbath -- Cinematic medievalism and the anxieties of modernity -- Looking awry at the grail: mourning becomes modernity -- Rape and disease as figures for social anomie -- Forever young: the teen Middle Ages.

Source: WorldCat. (Thanks to Marty for confirming the publication date).

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