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Resources for Teaching the Middle Ages (RTMA): New issue of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (aka SMART)

The latest volume (15 for 2008) of Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (aka SMART) is now available for order. Contents are as follows:

Spring 2008 (Volume 15, Issue 1)
WILIAM F. HODAPP Introduction
BRENT A PITTS Jump-Starting a Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program at a Small Comprehensive College
RICK MCDONALD Enthusiasm and A'muse'ment: Making Students Crazy for Medieval Classes
DOMINIQUE BATTLES and PAUL BATTLES Building a Better Introduction to a Medieval English Literature Course
MICKEY SWEENEY Generating Enthusiasm: Performing Chaucer in the Small Liberal Arts College Classroom
ANDREA SCHUTZ No Tidal Bore at All: Teaching The Seafarer to Maritimers
JOHN D. COTTS Was Bernard of Clairvaux a Republican? The Middle Ages and the Liberal Liberal Arts College
WILLIAM F. HODAPP and TODD WHITE From Scriptorium to Press: The Book as Focus in a Small College Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar
SHANNON GAYK Teaching Chaucer's Legacy
ALEXANDER L. KAUFMAN Teaching Medieval Outlaws
DAVID J. DUNCAN Book Review: Osman's Dream: The Story of the Ottoman Empire 1300-1923, by Caroline Finkel
ANNETTE LEZOTTE Book Review: Saints in Medieval Manuscripts, by Greg Buzwell
KATHRYN L. REYERSON Book Review: Housing the Stranger in the Mediterranean World--Lodging, Trade, and Travel in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, by Olivia Remie Constable
SISTER MARY CLEMENTE DAVLIN, OP Book Review: A Guidebook to Piers Plowman, by Anna Baldwin
RICHARD L. HARRIS Book Review: Einarr Skulason's "Geisli": A Critical Edition, edited by Martin Chase

Fall 2008 (Volume 15, Issue 2)
PEDAGOGY OF HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (guest edited by K. Aaron Smith and Susan M. Kim)
K. AARON SMITH and SUSAN M. KIM Introduction
HARUKO MOMMA Prefatory Remarks by the Roundtable Organizer: How the Project Began and Where It Might Go from Here
MICHAEL MATTO Standard English and Standards of English: Where HEL Meets Composition Studies
ROBERT STANTON Reaching High School Teachers and Students in the HEL Classroom
EDWIN DUNCAN Reaching Out: The Web as a Learning Tool
ROBERT D. STEVICK Seasoned Suggestions for Teaching the History of English
MOIRA FITZGIBBONS Using Gullah as a Focal Point in an HEL Course
K. AARON SMITH and SUSAN M. KIM Fighting in Public: Approaches to Team Teaching HEL and Bridging English Studies
MAIRI COWAN Teaching the English Reformation to History Students Through the Music of Thomas Tallis
MARCIA SMITH MARZEC Reading the Cross: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching The Dream of the Rood
ERIN MULLALLY The New Girl in School: Teaching Judith in a Survey Course
ANNA DRONZEK Book Review: Necessary Conjunctions: The Social Self in Medieval England, by David Gary Shaw
JAY RUUD Book Review: Chaucer and the City, edited by Ardis Butterfield
SIAN ECHARD Book Review: Print Culture and the Medieval Author--Chaucer, Lydgate, and Their Books 1473-1557, by Alexandra Gillespie
C. DAVID BENSON Book Review: Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales: A Casebook, edited by Lee Patterson
SANDY FEINSTEIN Book Review: Horse and Man in Early Modern England, by Peter Edwards

SMART publishes articles related to teaching medieval and early modern topics at the high school and undergraduate level. Most issues include some discussion of using popular culture in the classroom. The journal is published twice a year. Individual subscriptions are $20, and single issues are $10. Further details and complete contents of all volumes can be found at their web site, where they also offer back issues of another journal, now defunct, called Teaching the Middle Ages (aka TMA).

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