Friday, April 10, 2009

GMTV: Thor: Hammer of the Gods (2009)

According to The SciFi Channel's online schedule, the telefilm Thor: Hammer of the Gods (a.k.a Hammer of the Gods) will premiere tomorrow night (11 April 2009) as part of "SciFi Saturday: The Most Dangerous Night of Television" at 9 PM EST. There is practically nothing online about the plot of the film. The entry on TV states "A Viking wages war against supernatural foes," while offers a little more details: "When an army of Vikings clashes with a pack of werewolves, a young warrior becomes a legendary hero." The most extensive description of the film, an online posting from 9 January 2008 from, is over a year out of date and offers the following information:

Daz Crawford Goes Into Battle with the Hammer of the Gods!Daz Crawford has come aboard the Sci Fi Channel original film Hammer of the Gods. According to Variety, the film was originally intended for theatrical release.

The epic saga focuses on a Viking boy, Modi, who is cursed to never touch a weapon lest he lose his soul. Modi is a frustrated Viking, angry with the world and the Gods themselves. His quest against the Gods forces him into hand-to-hand battles with giants, trolls, demons and even beautiful Valkyries.

The film is currently shooting in Bulgaria.

The only post at about the film is dated 9 January 2008; it does not include any information about the plot but does note Crawford has joining the cast. In addition, the cast list on The Internet Movie Database does not include anyone named Modi. Instead, we have Thor, Baldur, Ulfrich, Hodur, Sif, Heimdall, Freyja, Aegir, and Vali; most of these are the names of gods from Norse mythology.

The film is directed by Todor Chapkanov, who has worked on a number of films for the network, and is written by Rafael Jordan, another veteran of The SciFi Channel, from a screenplay by Steve Bevilacqua. Zachary Bryan, perhaps best known as one of Tim Allen's sons on the Home Improvement sitcom, stars as Thor. Other notable members are the cast include Mac Brandt, from Prison Break, as Baldur; and Mellisa Leigh, from Runaway Stars, is Freyja; and, of course, Crawford, Diesel on the original American Gladiators, is the mysterious Ulfrich. The remainder have appeared in numerous productions for the network.

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