Saturday, August 8, 2009

MSAM: Unknown still

I've amassed a collection of medieval-themed film stills over the years and have a few that I have not been able to identify. Here's one, that I need help with:



  1. I recognize the face as a solid B English actor who did a lot of work in the 40s-50s. Appears as a supporting player in a large number of quickie films. Cannot put a name to the face though.

  2. Yes, the actor's name is David Farrar.

  3. David Farrar has a big role in Black Narcissus and stars in The Small Back Room and a movie starring Jennifer Jones variously titled Gone to Earth, Wild at Heart, and Gypsy Blood. All by the Powell & Pressburger team. He is in Black Shield of Falworth, and this might be from that. --Judy

  4. Thanks to everyone for their help. The actor is indeed David Farrar, and the image is from THE BLACK SHIELD OF FALSWORTH (1954).