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Updated CFP: Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting 2011 (10/15/10; Tempe, AZ 4/16-18/11)

Medieval Academy of America
and the
Medieval Association of the Pacific
Annual Meeting 2011
14 – 16 April 2011

2011 Tempe Meeting Addendum:
As you probably know, the fate of the annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America for 2011, scheduled to be held in Arizona, was in question because of Arizona's recently passed immigration law, SB1070, which many across the country found to be morally and legally deeply flawed.  On August 3, the Executive Committee of the Academy voted to hold the meeting as planned for reasons that the Committee explained in the statement posted on the Academy's website.  Because of this decision, we are extending the deadline for submissions of papers to October 15.  The Executive Committee and the local Program Committee are working to ensure that the program of the meeting reflects and relates to similar issues at stake in Arizona and in medieval society, including such topics as race, ethnicity, immigration, tolerance, treatment of minority groups, protest against governmental policies judged unjust, and standards of judicial and legislative morality.  We are particularly interested now in receiving proposals on those topics, although we will still consider proposals on any topic. Please consult the Academy's website (or visit for an updated call for papers and instructions on how to submit your proposals. If you have further questions about the Annual Meeting or the Call for Papers, please contact Audrey Walters

The Executive Committee
The 2011 Program Committee

Online Submission deadline extended to 15 October 2010:

Download Call for Papers

Annual Meeting, Tempe, 2011: Call for Papers. 
Extended deadline for submission is 15 October 2010.
The annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of America will be held jointly with that of MAP (the Medieval Association of the Pacific) at the Chaparral Suites Hotel ( in Scottsdale, Arizona, 14-16 April 2011.  It will be hosted by ACMRS (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) at Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe.

The Program Committee invites proposals for papers on all topics and in all disciplines and periods of medieval studies.  Given the Academy’s tradition of suggesting possible areas of investigation, the Committee also offers the following for your consideration:

1.                   Race and ethnicity
2.                  Immigration
3.                  Tolerance and treatment of minority groups
4.                  Protest against governmental policies judged unjust
5.                  Standards of judicial and legislative morality
6.                  Fiefs, feudal institutions, and property holding
7.                  Testaments and testamentary acts, lay and clerical
8.                  Liturgical reform and innovation
9.                  The crafting and creation of liturgical lives and offices
10.               Reliquaries and their fates
11.                Color and color theory in art and architecture
12.               Translation of scriptural and devotional works: patrons and audiences
13.               Universities and their involvement in secular politics
14.               Representative assemblies, lay and clerical
15.               Periodization and the Middle Ages: beginnings and endings
16.               The study of the Middle Ages from the 17th through the 20th century
17.               The Medieval Mediterranean
18.               Ballads and balladry
19.               The Pope and the Church in Literary and Artistic Representations
20.              Holy Women: Power and Influence in Medieval Europe
21.               Musica as Mediatrix between the Mortal and the Immortal
22.              Medical Texts: Authors, Readership, Uses
23.              The Professionalization of Medicine in the Medieval Period
24.              Chronicles and Chroniclers in Medieval Europe
25.              The Exile in Medieval Literature and Art
26.              Time, Remembrance, and Its Representations
27.              Innovations in Scientific Thought and Inquiry
28.              Animals and the Animalistic
29.              The Garden, Gardening, and Plants
30.              Conduct and Behavior in the Middle Ages: Pro Forma and Explicit Guides

Any member of the Medieval Academy, except those who presented papers at the annual meetings of the Medieval Academy in 2009 and 2010, and any member of MAP may submit a proposal.  Please do not submit more than one proposal.
Sessions usually consist of three papers of thirty minutes each, and proposals should be geared to this length. The Committee may choose a different format for some sessions after the proposals have been reviewed.  We shall try to develop sessions that (1) address subjects of interest to a wide range of medievalists and (2) invite scholars from different disciplines and periods into dialogue with one another. We seek proposals for innovative papers and sessions and hope to see, wherever possible, cross-disciplinary participation in a broad range of topics and of periods.
Selection procedure. Proposals will be evaluated for promise of quality and significance of topic.  The Committee will make final decisions by 5 November 2010. Notification of acceptance or regrets will be sent shortly thereafter.
Submissions. Submit proposals online at which will be available from 15 January 2010 to 15 October 2010.  Note that your statement of Academy or MAP membership (or statement that your  specialty would not normally involve membership in either organization) must be made at the end of your abstract,
If you wish to submit a hard-copy proposal instead, please send two copies to the Committee Chair, Robert E. Bjork, Director, ACMRS, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-4402.  The proposal must consist of two parts: (1) a cover sheet containing the proposer’s name, professional status and affiliation, postal address, home and office telephone numbers, fax number (if available), e-mail address (if available), and paper title; (2) a second sheet containing the proposer’s name, paper title, 250-word abstract, statement of Academy or MAP membership (or statement that your specialty would not normally involve membership in either organization), and audio-visual equipment needs. If the proposer will be at a different address when decisions are announced in November 2010, that address should be included. Please DO NOT send proposals to the Academy office.
Session proposals. The Committee will consider proposals for entire sessions. Please consult with the Committee Chair before preparing a proposal. Session proposals require the same information as individual paper proposals; abstracts for the papers in proposed sessions will be evaluated by the Committee.
Audio-visual equipment. Requests for audio-visual equipment must be made with proposals.
Graduate Student Prizes. The Medieval Academy will award up to seven prizes of $300 each to graduate students for papers judged meritorious by the local Committee. To be eligible for an award graduate students must, of course, be members of the Medieval Academy and, once their proposed papers have been accepted for inclusion in the program, must submit complete papers to the Committee by 10 January 2011.

Program Committee. Robert E. Bjork, ACMRS (Chair); William F. Gentrup, ACMRS; Carl Berkhout, English, University of Arizona, UA; Albrecht Classen, German Studies, UA; Roger Dahood, English, UA (MAP representative); Georgiana Donavin, Westminster College (MAP representative); Scott Kleinman, California State University, Northridge (MAP Representative); Cynthia White, Classics, UA; Alyce Jordan, Art History, Northern Arizona University; Karen Bollermann, English, ASU; Catherine Saucier, Music, ASU; Corine Schleif, Art History, ASU; Juliann Vitullo, Italian, ASU; Chauncey Wood, Adjunct Professor, ACMRS.

Local Arrangements Committee.  Audrey Walters, ACMRS (Chair); Robert E. Bjork, ACMRS; William F. Gentrup, ACMRS; Karen Lackey, ACMRS.

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